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To reward you for your diligence in participating in the blogosphere in the FSF, we have decided to give you 5 My Points! per day of active posting from today onward. If you post, you will get 5 points for the day. If you post 10 times today, you will get 5 points for the day. But if you post every day of the year, you get 1,825 points, which is enough for a $40 gift card to Best Buy, the entire series of Firefly on DVD, any Star Trek DVD and well on your way to a season of any Trek series on DVD. Check out the available prizes!

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FSF Newsletter Released

Under the orders of new Dictator-for-Life, Jay Truce, the FSF Communique has now been renamed the Collaborator and has recently been published.

This months issue features the publication of new regime edicts and an interview with FSF Poe.

The Collaborator can be found online or you can now download a barebones PDF copy of this The Collaborator in the FSF Library.

Any ideas, suggestions or critiques you might have are more than welcome. Send such suggestions to FSF Trinity.

Omega Fleet launches newsletter

Omega Fleet is proud to announce the publication of their new newsletter, the Omega Informer. The newsletter will be published monthly and will be available online.

This month”s edition contains a Hosting 101 feature and an interview with Omega Fleet CO, FSF Falk.

FSF Linds will be the Editor-in-Chief and gamers from all fleets are invited to take a look at the Informer

Omega Informer

SciWorld Online Convention 2007

Normally going to a sci-fi convention requires travel expenses like motel stays, air fair in addition to those pricey fees to even get in, let alone do any of the fun events. That”s why the FSF is pleased to announce it”s co-sponsorship of the 2007 SciWorld Online Convention.

Unlike those other conventions, this one only requires you to log on to a website and go to chatrooms to attend. And as an added bonus, the event centers around nothing but simming!

The convention is a celebration of online role-playing and those people who participate. Everyone is welcome to attend, and there are no fees.

Events will take course of the period of three nights, and will cover a wide range of topics mostly centered around the finer points of simming. The FSF will host several events including trivia and a seminar by FSF Starla. These events will be held in the FSF Chatrooms.

A full schedule of events can be found at the League”s SWOC website. Simming League is presenting the convention along with the sponsorship of members, such as the FSF.

FSF Announces New Dictatorship

In a unanimous vote, Fleet Command has voted to abolish the FSF Charter and return to a system of dictatorship through strict compliance to story canon, ranks and storylines. Effective immediately, Jay Truce (FSF Truce) has replaced Jonathan Shuni (AdmShuni) as leader of the FSF. After 14 years in the top job, Jonathan Shuni shares his thoughts of the end, “I never imagined that this day could come. I thought the charter would ensure rights to all in FSF, but instead it ensured a system of government that left me powerless to this change. May God help this hopefully united group.”

In the coming days, hosts and players will get an updated list of policies that will guide them through the changes. Most notably amongst the changes, the following will be most prevalent:

  1. Sims will now be referred to as “Simms”
  2. Ranks above LtCdr. for Star Trek sims and “Senior Command Officer” for non-Trek sims must be preapproved by a tribunal committee
  3. Random inspections will commence of simulations by a team of quality control officers
  4. “The Communique” newsletter will be renamed to “The Collaborators” reporting the news of newly ousted members of the old regime.

Details of this can be obtained via this special page set up to communicate the changes to the lay man.

FSF Fleet Command