Omega Fleet Welcomes New CO

Omega Fleet is under new management! FSF Falk has taken over as the Fleet CO, and FSF Margo is now the Fleet XO. It all happened in a short amount of time, and big things are happening there! Currently, Omega boasts 2 Vampire sims, 2 Stargate Sims, and will soon add in a fourth Star Trek sim! They have all simming mediums you could want, including IRC! Come check the new and improved fleet website and their active community forums!

Power Outage Sunday

Around 6am EST on Sunday, the data center where and all its affiliated domains (27 of them), lost power for 3 hours in a planned unplanned outage. After the power was restored, equipment failure in the connections between the center and the internet failed, requiring immediate replacement. By 3pm EST on Sunday, all service was restored. We apologize for the intermittent service and ask that you check your Yahoo! Groups subscriptions to be sure that your account was not deactivated due to bounces. Thank you.

Serendipity Joins Space Fleet

The FSF”s first Firefly sim, the Serendipity, is joining SpaceFleet OnLine!

The Serendipity started out as a message board guild sim in early-December. In just about 10 weeks, it has proved itself to be a popular and vibrant sim. It won Guild of the Quarter for Jan-March, and was the Guild Spotlight for on the FSF front page on Jan 31st! Her captain, FSF Griffen, has done an extraordinary job in assembling and building this sim from scratch, and so we are thrilled to welcome the Serendipity and her crew into SFOL!

If you would like more information on the Serendipity, you check out the website, their forums, or you may email the hosts, FSF Griffen or FSF Hawg for more info.

With the addition of the Serendipity, SFOL now has live chat sims on Sunday – Thursday nights, an Email sim, and a Message Board sim, and SFOL covers the genres of Star Trek, Star Wars, Charmed, and Firefly. This arguably makes SFOL the most well rounded and diverse fleet in the FSF! Interested in learning more about SFOL? If so, check out our website!

FSF Launches OpenID Signon

At the front of the pack, FSF recently launched OpenID Signon for the internet. This open authentication system allows you to reduce multiple logins and utilize your favorite signon service for all authentication on the internet.

OpenID will be HOT news in 2007 with literally hundreds of websites coming on-line to support the protocol. AOL and Yahoo recently adopted the standard, allowing you to use your AOL or Yahoo username and password to sign into non-AOL and non-Yahoo websites.

Use the logon form to the left to get started. Choose “AOL/AIM” and enter in your screen name. You will sign in and then be asked to affiliate the account with an AMS account. After that, you can sign into the AMS with just your AOL/AIM as much as you want painlessly.

Expect the BEST from the FSF!

Host of the Year – 2006

It is our pleasure to announce the belated Host of the Year award for 2006, normally given in the Summer, to Tom Leyton, better known to most of you as FSF Tommy.

FSF Tommy has been a member of the FSF for several years and has been a host since December 2003. Since that time, he has proven himself a great asset to both the fleets of the group but also the administration in his countless contributions to AMS and website improvement, technical advice, and restarting the FSF”s IRC server in 2005. He was also the one that wrote the initial version of the attendance system several years ago. He has given us tools that will allow us to thrive for years to come.

Tommy currently hosts the Dark Frontier simulation and is the FSF Awards Director. He is also the Executive Officer for Epsilon Fleet, a position he has held since June of 2005. Before that, he was Omega Fleet”s Executive Officer. During his 3+ years as a member of the FSF staff, Tommy has Hosted a number of games including the USS Titan, USS Vastitude, USS Galtuch and USS Firewall games. He has also served two terms on the Host Hiring Board, where he has helped shape the future of FSF with his sound judgement and hard work.

It is our distinct pleasure to award him Host of the Year for the period of 9/2005 to 8/2006 and for his lifelong contributions and dedication to this group.

Thank you Tommy, and congratulations!

Anniversary Note: USS Providence

It is the opening parts of the year 2388. The Alpha quadrant has settled into a quiet zone of politics and cooperations. Starfleet has begun exploring parts of the Gamma quadrant far from the Bajoran wormhole with help from the Dominion. The Beta Quadrant, though, largely remains unexplored. Outpost Beta Zero is at the edge of this frontier and serves as the stopping point between Federation vessels and the vast unknown expanse beyond it.

The Beta Quadrant, though, is home to a wide variety of races. The Tranen, appearing very much like humans, welcome the Federation and are eager to be friends. The cat-like Litvokians, however, have their own agendas. Their inborn aggression and thirst for battle make them a dangerous neighbor.

On February 24th, the future of the Federation and the tranquility of the Alpha Quadrant will rest along that frontier. The potential for a galactic conflict will begin to develop, and only one ship will stand in its way.

Join the USS Providence for its fourth anniversary on February 24th at 7:00 PM Eastern. Sim room is on AIM/AOL, “USS Providence”. Experience the continuing story for yourself. The future of the Federation may depend on it.

For more information regarding the Providence, contact its host, FSF Josh.