Guild Spotlight: Firefly: Serendipity

You have GOT to check out the latest happenings with Firefly: Serendipity, a rip-roaring fast paced message board game located in the guilds of the FSF. They even have a new site they just launched. Check them out today!

Earth-That-Was could no longer sustain our numbers, we were so many. We found a new solar system- dozens of planets and hundres of moons. Each one terraformed—a process taking decades, to support human life, to be new earths. The central Planets formed the Alliance. Ruled by an interplanetary parliament, the Alliance was a beacon of civilization. The savage outer planets were not so enlightened and refused Alliance control. Despite easy predictions of defeat, the Browncoats held themselves against the Alliance far longer than any had dared to hope. But, it was in 2511, in the Battle of Serenity Valley that the war was ended. Almost a quarter of a million people died in the valley after four months of continued fire. After a particularly crushing defeat, the Browncoats offered surrender. They had lost. But, there are still those who, though they had lost, never accepted defeat…



New Sim: USS Excalibur

The USS Excalibur has just been completed in spacedock orbiting Earth. The year is 2294, a time of great change within the Federation. The Klingons are uneasy friends, the Romulans are more agressive then ever. The era of Starfleet officers dominated by the exploits of James Kirk is passing, and its up to the new generation to man the ships of exploration. The 3 year mission of the Excalibur is to explore the fringes of known space, to protect the colonies of the Federation, and to keep watch to combat agression and fear.

Interested? Good! This sim is the newest sim in Alpha Fleet. This is a fresh new Play By Email sim that is just waiting for you to sign up. All positions are open, and cadets and trainees are welcome!

For more information, contact its hosts, FSF Sylvester and FSF Silver. Visit the USS Excalibur website!

2nd Annual Fleet Awards Ceremony

That time is here again. The 2nd Annual Fleet Awards are at hand! This year, they”ll be taking place January 25th at 8:30 PM EST. Come visit us on IRC in the room #FSF. If you don”t have an IRC client, you can visit us through this page.

This year, all fleets will be participating. That means there will be a variety of awards given to people from throughout the fleet. This year, the event will be hosted by FSF Titan and FSF Starla.

Interested in showing up? Then by all means do so! Want to invite some friends? They”re more than welcome! This is an open invitation to all!

If you have questions about how to get to the room, please talk to your game GM”s/hosts or the Fleet Command members for your fleet.

New Delta Fleet Sim!

“…To Reach the Unreachable Star.”

Thats right! A new sim in Delta Fleet begins this Saturday, January 13 @ 10:00 PM Eastern Time! Join hosts, FSF Kaelia and FSF Hawke, and the crew of Starbase Genesis for the start of FSF”s newest Starbase simulation, Starbase Genesis! Come see the crew commission Starfleet”s Gamma Quadrant Intelligence Starbase and it”s all-new and innovative website!

Who knows what”ll happen when the game launches. The new adventures, the new explorations, the new missions from Interstellar world relationships, to diplomatic and hostile adventures. All will take place on many different classes of starships. See the Games Listing page for more info.

Starbase Genesis is an AOL/AIM chat-based non-canon simulation with an Intelligence, Marine, Fighter Squadron, Medical CSI and Standard divs/depts. Apply with us for an adventure you”ll never forget.

January Blogging Rewards

Got a blog? Want a blog? Want a place to put your thoughts? Review movies? Post photos? Rant about life? Not only does FSF offer all its members access to two free blogs, but it allows customizable templates, unlimited file storage for images and free pings to blog search websites to advertise your blog automatically. And the best part? In January, if you create a new blog, we will give you 25 My Points! And if you post to your blog in January, we will give you 10 My Points! How sweet is that? Hop to it! Create your blog today or browse one of 90 existing FSF blogs!

Please Note: Blog must exist on February 1 to count for both point rewards. Each AMS account can have a maximum of 35 points for this reward.

USS Challenger Moves to Space Fleet

The USS Challenger is joining Space Fleet OnLine! They are the FSF”s only chat sim that takes place on Monday nights, at 10:30 pm EST. Here is a brief description of the USS Challenger sim:

The USS Challenger NCC-71099-B, a newly constructed Intrepid-class starship is about to begin it”s first mission. With a new ship, and a new crew, the Challenger will be setting out of the Pendragon Shipyards, and making it”s way towards the uncharted territory between the Alpha and Delta quadrants. Her mission…. “To seek out new life, and new civilizations. To boldy go where no one has gone before.”

The USS Challenger is commanded by FSF Bawls & FSF Immortal. Their website is here.

Results: FSF Jeopardy

With questions from all across the board, our Jeopardy players had a fun time. In the end, our three top players were:

  1. FSF Eris
  2. FSF Margo
  3. FSF Poe

These three, as well as a handful of others, endured two rounds of questions and a “final Jeopardy” question!

The first round had questions in three categories, with point values ranging from 100 to 500 points. The categories were “The FSF”, “TV”, and “Music”. Questions were asked regarding such things as the oldest sim in the FSF, shows such as JAG and Charmed, and musicians with their own special release of Fender guitars. One daily double was hidden on the board.

The second round doubled the point values. Another daily double was hidden among these categories: “History”, “From Sea to…”, and “Shining ”C””. History dealt with world history and included questions about the war of 1812 and ancient Greece. “From Sea to…” was a category about bodies of water. A few players were a bit quick to take a swim in this category! Lastly, “Shining ”C”” was a category in which all of the right answers began with the letter C. Most of them were ”elemental” questions, with answers ranging from carbonite to Californium.

More trivia games will be planned and coming up soon!

To discuss this game, click here.

New Sim Needs You!

The USS Excalibur is an Excelsior class vessel set in the year 2294. Taking place not long after the original movies, this sim puts the players into an era of expansion and discovery for the Federation.

This is a new sim that needs some more players before it can be launched. Especially needed are those that are new to the FSF and looking for their first sim. This sim will be a play by e-mail sim.

If you”re interested, please contact FSF Sylvester or FSF Silver. Their temporary website is here.

Slogan Contest Winners!

The results of the Slogans contest have been revealed! Congratulations to the winners. Points have been awarded to the winners, with the top three slogan winners receiving 100 My Points! each.

1st Place: “The Strong. The Few. The Proud. The Federation Sim Fleet.” by STFAlexWu
2nd Place: “Not Even The Stars Are The Limit.” by Yvon Hawke
3rd Place: “The FSF… Roleplaying the Final Frontier!” by Graylin Bard

You can review the results here.