Upcoming Event: FSF Jeopardy

Excited about the coming new year? You have one more reason to be excited. The FSF will be holding a group wide community game. Thats right. Its time for Jeopardy!

Friday, January 5th, 2007, at 8:00 PM Eastern, FSF Meteu will host a Jeopardy game that is sure to give everyone a fun start to 2007! The game will be on AIM/AOL in the room “FSF Jeopardy”. All are welcome to stop by and show their support for the players.

If you”d like to play, please contact FSF Meteu at MGamret@gmail.com by January 4th. Ten (10) players at most will be playing, so hurry and sign up!

We look forward to seeing you on January 5th!

UPDATE: No more hosts will be accepted as players. We have enough hosts signed up. Non-hosts, feel free to keep applying!

Weekly Trivia Update!

Its a Trivia blowout! My Point rewards from Trek Trivia Tuesday will be doubled through January 3rd. Thats right! Double the My Points! That means showing up and playing gives you 10 My Points!

As a side note, please use the room “USSStargazer” for these game times as well. To enter that room, use the AOL Link or the AIM Link.

Special Trek Trivia Tuesday Event!

Tuesday night (December 12th, 2006), the hosts of Trek Trivia Tuesday will be giving out double MyPoints as a special treat to attendees! Drop by for some fun scifi time — bring your Trek-friendly friends (and enemies too, if they”d enjoy it.) And best of all, get double the points!

T-Cubed. It”s what Tuesday”s all about!

Guild: Deep Space Ten

Since the attack on the Enterprise by the Remans, Starfleet has reinstated the neutral zone. Communications between the Federation and Romulus has been shaky at best, with the Romulans going back to their isolated state. All this has made Starfleet Command uneasy, which prompted them to set up a permanent defensive platform. The newly commissioned Deep Space 10, with her assembled crew from seasoned officers to fresh out of the academy ensigns, has been set up on the Federation side of the RNZ.

Are you ready to protect the federation from one of its most secretive enemies?

Then come on in and Join Deep Space 10! We have extended our positions to include a role on a starship. All applicants can play on Deep Space 10 or on the Starship assigned to the station: the USS Zati. But hurry before the Zati leaves Spacedock.

Special Note from Fleet Captain Suval: “Attention! To all Personnel interested in transfering to Deep Space 10 and the USS Zati! Mission starts the 10th of December following a two week hiatus period thank you Suval out!”

OPEN POSITIONS: All Dept heads, All Assistants, Civilians, Ambassadors from many of the major Alpha and Beta quadrants Powers. (this includes positions on the USS Zati)

Fleet Captain Suval

New Contest: FSF Slogans

Do you have what it takes to represent the FSF in words? We need a new slogan! Something to catch the eyes of new recruits, you veteran members and everyone in between. Something funny, something cute, something inspirational… just make sure you make it good! Submit your ideas to FSF Josh. All entries will receive 5 My Points! up to 10 entries and the top 3 ideas will each receive 100 My Points! The winning entry will receive 250 My Points! and will be used everywhere FSF is advertised. Entries must be sent by December 24th. We will use the final week of December for voting.