Deep Space Nine Changes Time

Deep Space Nine is moving from Wednesdays at 10 pm EST, to Wednesday at 9 pm EST! The change became possible in recent days, which also worked well with a time change needed by one of the hosts. The crew was polled, and feedback gathered. With almost no objections the time change was approved and takes effect for next weeks sim!

This is also excellent news because DS9 used to go head-to-head with Delta Fleet”s USS Stargazer, one of the most storied and respected sims within the FSF. Now players do not have to make a choice between the two sims, and could potentially even play on both if they so desired.

DS9 is commanded by FSF Sarge & FSF Immortal. You can check out their website at

NOTICE: AOL Blocking Email

Please be aware that AOL is now blocking any and all emails that mention the domain in them. They are doing this as a result of a high number of complaints by our membership. FSF provides all the necessary tools to reduce your email levels by having all your AMS messages delivered to the AMS message center, all email mailing lists readable and postable on the forums and preferences to turn off other related emails. We are attempting to rectify this situation, but it may be several days before AOL begins to allow emails again that mention

What can you do to make sure your emails get through?
Just be sure you do not have links in your signatures that link to websites. Additionally, when you reply to emails, remove the text “” everywhere in the reply. This includes email addresses in the headers.

Thanks. We are working with AOL to undo this situation.

Blogathon Winners Announced

Congratulations to the blogathon winners! The blogathon went from September 7th until October 7th. We had 288 blog entries in that month period and we had over 25 new blogs started too! Thanks for all your effort and keep on blogging!

First place: User 3911 viviangriffen(at)
Second place: User 1172 ravenstone1781(at)
Third place: User 534 fsfperez(at)

1st place: 700 My Points!, 2nd place 500, 3rd place 300. For more information on the results, click here.

USS Stargazer Wins Tournament of Sims

Congratulations go to the cast and crew of the USS Stargazer for winning several top chat categories of the Tournament of Simulations Simming League awards.

Best Star Trek Sim
USS Stargazer, Federation Sim Fleet

Top Captain or Host
Captain Jay Truce, USS Stargazer, Federation Sim Fleet

Best Execution
USS Stargazer, Federation Sim Fleet

The awards are held every year and judging took place in August and September.

Read more about the winners here.

USS Endevour Relaunches

Are you looking for a high-intensity hold onto your seat game? You’re search is over. NO DOWNLOADING REQUIRED! No installation needed. All you need is an internet connection and an email address.

The USS Endevour has relaunched! It is a play-by-email sim in Epsilon Fleet. The game not only is back, but it has come with a brand new website! Go there to read up on this sim that come back with force.

The USS Endevour is hosted by FSF Storm and FSF Titan.

Post for Points

Thats right. Post for Points! Simple, huh? What does it mean?

For each 100 posts done to the FSF Message Boards each month, members are given 10 My Points! Well, for the month of October, that will be different. Yes, all points given out for message board posts are doubled!

Post 100 times to the message boards in the month of October and get 20 My Points! And thats 20 points per 100 posts. If you post 500 times, thats 100 My Points!

Don”t have an account? Sign up for one. Its free AND it lets you join in with the FSF community!

Think its an easy way to get points? It sure is! So get posting today! Join in on the FSF community or post to the sim lounges!

Post for Points!