New Sim: USS Crazy Horse

Fleet Command is pleased to announce the simulation admission of the USS Crazy Horse email game. Led by FSF Ariela and FSF Thompson, the game has over a five year run with a rich and creative history that spans quadrants, technology, captains and crew. Always on the forefront, the Crazy Horse has made her home in the Delta Fleet.

The USS Crazy Horse is an email simulation set in the post nemesis world. We travel the Alpha Quadrant in search of new species while protecting our own. Our full squadron of Fighter Pilots are ready for business against our foes the Krivaldi, a warlike species that prays on the Mer”lian race, allies to the Federation.

Join the game today, or visit their website.

New Guild: Deep Space Ten

“Space… The Final Frontier…”

Welcome to Deep Space 10. This Space Station was created after the great success of Deep Space 9, commanded by Captain Benjamin Sisko and, later, Colonel Kira Nerys. Instead of being stationed near Bajor, Deep Space 10 is positioned in the neutral zone. This puts it in a more neutral location, preventing territorial battles that Deep Space 9 was known for. From the station leave all kinds of ships, from small shuttles and freighters to Federation Flagships. The station is commanded by Fleet Admiral Ned Donovan.

If you”re interested in this guild, check out its website.

Book Club Announcement

FSF is starting a book club, continuing a tradition started by former sim group Diversity Fleet. Each month, a different novel is selected and discussed on the forum. Chats are often hosted with authors. In the past this has included Dayton Ward, Kevin Dilmore, Terry Osbourne, and Keith R.A. DeCandido. This month we”re reading “Star Trek: Taking Wing,” by Michael A. Martin and Andy Mangels, the first in the Titan series. We”re always open to book suggestions and hope you join us! Please join us September 9 at 3:00 PM Eastern in the IRC chatroom for an hour of lively discussion!

Join the Literary Guild today!

Don”t Miss the FSF Cafe!

Welcome to Saturday night”s main event…The FSF Cafe. Tonight will be a trivia event unlike any seen before. We won”t be concentrating on just sci-fi and the like but we will be moving on into trivia about all sorts of things. Why not attend and let you mind full of useless knowlege earn you some MyPoints!!

The event is at 8:00 PM ET. For a link to the room, click on the links under the FSF Cafe on the right hand side.

Merge Accounts for 25 My Points!

All members are encouraged to add all their existing email addresses into their account via Email Management and then merge their existing accounts in the FSF into one single account via our Merge Tool. All members should be using ONE SINGLE account and not separate accounts. Each character can be assigned a different email address in your character management screen after you have added the email into your account.

When you combine two or more accounts that were created before 8/10/06, you will be awarded 25 My Points!, limit 1 per person. At the end of August, we will begin manually combining accounts for our members, which will not get the 25 My Points. This is your opportunity to combine all your information into one login and to earn free stuff while you”re at it.

Please email the Personnel Director if you have any questions.

New Sim: Charmed: The Coven of the Moon

Magic brought them together and is the only thing that keeps them together. Evil has returned en force. So powerful and plentiful, this evil requires more than just the Three Charmed Ones. A coven had been formed, a coven of Charmed Ones. This is the only thing they have in common. There are petty fights and disagreements all the time, but the rules are clear, you cannot use your powers against another of the Coven.

Two Halliwell cousins have found a new power, the power of Two, but they still need help. They alone, do not have the ability to fight the evil to come. Even through their own differences, Patience and Pandora Halliwell must join with others to help keep the balance between good and evil in balance.

Come join us in the fight against Evil. Witches, Whitelighters, Demons, others to be determined by hosts. Powers must be approved by hosts.


Hosts: FSF Storm & FSF Rebel

New Sim: Infinite Diversity

We are pleased to announce the sim admission of the Infinite Diversity simulation from the former sim group Diversity Fleet. The game is led by FSF Eris & FSF Tryn. The game is made up to two starships, two crews under one banner.

From one division of Starfleet hails two of their finest vessels.

Set during one of the most influential periods in the Federation”s history, a few years before the USS Enterprise-D launches, the USS Aquarius protects the interests of a Pelagic world cornered between Tholian and Federation territory, claimed by both sides.

In an subtly altered timeline brought about by Aquarius” actions on this world, the USS Columbia protects the peace of the Alpha and Gamma Quadrants after the Dominion War.

Join the game today, part of Starfleet”s Finest.

Website: Click Here