Safari Hunt Adventure: Epsilon

Come one, Come all and join Epsilon Fleet in hunt of a lifetime. Come learn about Epsilon and win prizes and My Points! all at the same time. All you have to do is follow the clues given to create a code. Sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? The first person to submit the correct code will win a ringtone and My Points! to boot. You can only win up to two ringtones, but there are 10 different chances to win. Everyone who participates will win My Points and the person who submits the most correct codes first will win even more My Points!

All the rules and instructions can be found at, . Please read them carefully before beginning your hunts. The game will run from Sunday July 23, 2006 at 12:01 am EST until Saturday July 31, 2006 at 11:59 pm EST.

Everyone from the FSF is allowed to and encouraged to participate. Come see what makes Epsilon Fleet so great!

If you have any questions, contact FSF Titan or FSF Storm.

New Open Sim: Boot Camp

ATTEN-SHUN! Are you ready to learn how to sim? The FSF is giving you your chance!

Adding to the already popular Open Sim program, the FSF is about to launch its second Open Sim: Boot Camp. The first game will take place on Monday, July 31st, at 10PM EST in the Ten Forward lounge.

This open sim (OS:BC) will be hosted by FSF Nefarious and FSF BK.

And remember! This is an open sim! There are no forms to fill out! Just simply log on, join Ten Forward, and request a post. And thats it!

Drop by Boot Camp! You”ll be glad you did.

New Sim: USS Challenger

The FSF would like to welcome the USS Challenger. It was recently admitted into the FSF after a Fleet Command vote.

The USS Challenger NCC-71099-B, a newly constructed Intrepid-class starship is about to begin it”s first mission.

With a new ship, and a not so new crew, the Challenger will be setting out of the Pendragon Shipyards, and making it”s way towards the uncharted territory between the Alpha and Delta quadrants. Her mission….

“To seek out new life, and new civilizations. To boldy go where no one has gone before.”

The USS Challenger is run by FSF Bawls and FSF Immortal. This game plays on Monday evenings. For more information, please check out their website.

New Sim: USS Republic (TOS-Era)

“Space… the final frontier.”

Those were the words at the opening of the show that started it all. Now, go back to the era where legends were made. Where men like James Kirk, Spock and Doctor McCoy were born, and became some of the greatest Starfleet officers to set foot in the Federation. Go back to the final frontier. Go back… to where it all began.

Welcome on board the USS Republic, a Constitution-class starship first launched in 2253. The Republic – formerly home to young Ensign James T. Kirk – after 15 years of service, has been refitted and recrewed, and is ready for relaunch.

The year is now 2369. Now under the command of Captain Benjamin Wolf, the Republic has been ordered to proceed to Sector 227-J, an area of space in between the Klingons, Tholians and Gorn. Once home to the now-disbanded Halkonian Alliance, the sector is now in dispute, as each power wants control of it. And the few remaining Halkonians have requested the Federation”s presence to keep them out.

What new dangers will the crew of the Republic find there? Can they keep the Klingons, Tholians and Gorn at bay? Join us every Monday at 9:00pm EST, and find out!


Come One; Come All!

The Sixth Annual FSF Shuni Awards are this weekend! Come in your tuxedoes and gowns to this exciting and fun event.

The Shunis will be this Saturday, July 15th, at 8PM EST. At 8, the festivities begin with a trivia game and an open discussion. Then at 9 PM… the awards show begins!

The game events will occur in the AIM/AOL chat room “Ten Forward”. AOL users click this link to enter the room. AIM users, please click on this link.

For a list of award nominees, check out the Shuni Awards forum on the FSF Message Boards!

We look forward to seeing you all there on Saturday!

The Commander”s Table – Issue 10 Released

Welcome to the Commander”s Table. This is a place for a FSF Hosts to tell their stories. The Commander”s Table spans all time and space and you never know where you may find it or who may be there. The bartender, Cap, makes sure that only Commanders enter and, somehow, always knows exactly what you want to drink before you even realize it yourself. The bar appears differently to people, drawing from whom and what they are to make a place that is most comfortable to them.


To Klingons it would be just like a place found deep in the cities of the homeworld with weapons abounding on the walls. To the Irishman, it would be an old fashioned Irish bar. Each person sees and experiences exactly what they need to allow them to tell their tales.

There is no monetary exchange here. All drinks, no matter how many you have are all paid for in the form of a story. It doesn”t, necessarily, have to be a story of Command, just a story that means something and, hopefully, all can learn from it.

In this issue, the storyteller is FSF Esrom.

Click to download the issue:

Shore Leave a Success!

Truce           Storm           Margo           Falk
Our delegation arrived at Shore Leave Friday, expecting a fun-filled weekend of meet & greets, dinners, movies, celebrities and more more. All was accomplished.

For more details on their weekend events, check out their convention blogs.

FSF Storm – “He went on to tell me about the Martin St Onge Award, what it was given for etc then said that this years recipient was FSF Storm. I swear I almost cried. It was the best start to an awesome weekend.”

FSF Truce – “Shore Leave was awesome, there is no other adjective that can do justice. As I sit here at work, I am still recovering. And I am already thinking about next year!”

FSF Falk – “The dance was quite fun, after Truce, Margo, and myself heckled the costume contest participants. Only problem was the heckling was fun for so long, then the entire process just got boring. If you”re going to do a skit, REHEARSE IT!”

FSF Margo – “So it”s at the end of the dinner and people started crowding around me…and I start getting suspicious. About that time, the wait staff comes out with a birthday ice cream and candle…singing happy birthday to me. I of course didn”t even know it was my birthday…and to make it worse, I got no presents.”

Word Find Winners Announced

Wow… what a game! Thanks to everyone that submitted word lists! Submissions were received with a variety of word counts. Some had just a few dozen. Others had hundreds!

The top three winners were the following.

  1. FSF MikeM and FSF Esrom *
  2. FSF Wasaga
  3. Allissa White Buffalo

* Due to an email error, Esrom”s email came in late, but it contained more words than MikeM. I have awarded her points for her entry.

These three received their appropriate My Points! points. All other players received points ranging from 10 to 90 points.

Interested in seeing another word game? Want to talk about this one? Talk about it on the FSF message boards here.