Special Event: Trek Trivia Tuesday!

Want to add some fun to your Tuesday night? Well, this Tuesday is sure to be a blast. How so? Because there”s a special night of Trek Trivia Tuesday!

What is Trek Trivia Tuesday? The more affectionate players call it “T Cubed”. Simply, it is Star Trek Trivia. But its more than that… its a time to get together with other simmers to chat, to have fun, to enjoy the evening.

When is this Special Trivia? This Tuesday, May 23rd, at the former “T Cubed” time of 10 PM Eastern Time (9 Central, 7 US Pacific). Come to the chat room “Ten Forward” by either inviting yourself to the room, or you may click on one of the following links: [AOL Users] [AIM Users]

Don”t expect the games to end at one hour! Not only can you expect the trivia to go past the hour, but there may be a few non-Trek questions, and maybe even some other bonuses!

And to top it off… FSF Josh will be hosting this event. Expect Trek Trivia Tuesday to be hyped up. Come for the fun! Come for the trivia! Come to chat with other simmers! Be there!

254 Contest Winners Announced

A drawing was held tonight for the 254 Picture Contest. Of the several members that submitted photos, only one was drawn to win a My Point prize of 500 points. Please congratulate FSF Margo on being randomly drawn.

The other participants have received 100 My Points” points for submitting photos. Thanks for playing, everyone!

New Simulation: The Delta Quadrant

Here we are boldly going were the Voyager could not go! The Raptor is a new breed of ship that combines the best of a Galaxy Class cruiser and a battle worthy Prometheus Class vessel. The Raptor has not yet proven herself….. The Federation and Starfleet have not yet expressed faith in our newest ship or her crew. But we”ll soon show those of little faith just how worthy the Raptor and her crew can be!

Our Sim is set three years after the return of the Noble Voyager to Federation space. Our mission to explore the Delta Quadrant. Are you willing to take on this challenge? Willing to boldly go were only the Voyager dared to go? If so, we welcome you aboard the Raptor NCC- 2512.

What will we find? Who will we find? That is any ones guess at this moment. So join the fun and the wonder of all we have yet only dreamed of! Welcome to The Delta Quadrant!

Hosts: FSF Mariko & FSF Pappy

PBEM – rated MA

Our beautiful new website is here: http://sims.sb254.com/deltaquad/


Alpha Fleet is proud to present The Delta Quadrant – please check us out here: