Blogging @ FSF

We are rolling out Blogs to membership. We were in beta for a couple weeks with a select couple of FSF hosts, we opened it up to all hosts this morning and we”re opening it up to 85 random FSF members that have signed into the AMS in the last week. This most likely means you!

You can create a blog in “Your Account” under the “Manage Blog(s)” link. Once created, you can log in and start posting immediately. The system is VERY easy to use and VERY customizable. We”ve added a dozen templates and a dozen color schemes for you to play with, plus you can make your own header and color schemes.

If you want examples of what other people are doing, check out the FSF blog directory:

What would I possibly need with a blog, you ask?
Well, you can post about your life, your job, the FSF, food or even movies! Do a combination of all of them! Or post in character or about your sim. It”s all up to you.

New Contest: The 254 Ways

We know you love the FSF. But… how often do you think about us offline? How often does something remind you of the FSF? Its time to see what connections the FSF has to the real world! What do we mean?

Its another photo contest! This time, we want to see something FSF related!

We all know that the FSF”s site is at So… where do YOU see the number 254, besides online? Why don”t you show us! Yes, take pictures of the number 254 anywhere in your life. Maybe it”s on a street sign. Maybe it”s on your blood pressure gauge. Take a picture of it and upload it to “The 254 Ways Contest” file library!

You have to the end of April to upload your photos! At the end of the contest period, a random set of winners will be drawn from the applicants to share in up to 1000 My Points! One chance to win per photo/location. Upload as many as you”d like! No duplicate entries, please.

So get out there and take some photos! We await your life”s connections to the FSF.