New Sim: Battlestar: Bellerophon

A brand new sim has launched in Epsilon Fleet, Battlestar: Bellerophon! Based on SciFi”s Battlestar Galactica, the game picks up shortly after the miniseries of 2003. Lots of positions open, lots of command opportunities. Join us to game in the BSG universe!


Battlestar Bellerophon begins the night the Cylons attack and destroy humanity. The survivors of the Colonial Reserve Destroyer Agamemnon, and the Advanced Fleet Training Center on the moon of Triton, take refuge aboard the aging, derelict Battlestar Bellerophon, a relic from the first Cylon war. The Bellerophon has been used as a training facility for pilots and Battlestar crews, but now must go back into service, carrying the last reminants of humanity. As far as they know, there is no other remains of the Colonial Fleet. There is no hope, no future, no chance to survive. There is just now.

Fleeing the Cylon Holocaust, the last remaining Battlestar: Bellerophon, begins a lonely quest. To find and rescue the last remanants of humanity.

Many positions open including CiC staff, Flight Deck Crews, Viper Pilots, Raptor Crews and more. Check out the game”s website, create a character and join today!

New Game: Vanguard: Legacy

Vanguard: Legacy led up by FSF Guardian has joined the FSF. It is a superhero-type game based in Century City. Epsilon Fleet will host them.

Welcome to the world of Team Vanguard, a superhero team drawn together to fight the various menaces of Century City. Together, they face alien threats, villainous menaces, and internal struggles that threaten to rip the team apart. Behind it all lie the mysteries of what really happened on the fateful day that led to the death of their predecessors.

Vanguard: Legacy is a message-board based roleplaying game that takes place in an original universe. Heavily inspired by the world of comic books, Vanguard blends the “modern-age” sensibilities of groundbreaking books such as Alan Moore”s Watchmen and Frank Miller”s The Dark Knight Returns with the enduring themes of legacy and heroism found in books such as JSA and other, more standard comic book titles. Players are encouraged to come up with their own “superheroes”, drawn either from their own imaginations or inspired by the legacies of the “previous generation” of Century City superheroes. The possibilities for heroism and villainy are limited only by the imagination.

You can visit their website and join the game through the AMS.

Be sure to check out the game.

Welcome to Vanguard: Legacy and to FSF Guardian!

New Game: SFMC: Angels of Death

Space Fleet is proud to announce the launch of a new message board marines themed simulation called SFMC: Angels of Death. Hosted by FSF Rocky & TBA, the game is launching to much fanfare and an influx of activity from the Tactical, Security & Marine Guild.

Set a few years after Star Trek: Nemesis the Star Fleet Marine Corps has begun to grow larger by the year. After the Dominion war and increasing hostilities in the galaxy, along with the ever present Borg threat, the decision was made that a standing military force must be maintained at all times. The SFMC: Angels of Death simulation would be based on the planet of Turkana IV. After decades of outcry by neighboring federation planets and members of the Coalition and Alliance forces asking for assistance, each against the other, the federation has decided to reassert it”s claim on the planet.

Marine Camp J. Hayes (Named for Major J. Hayes, MACO on Enterprise who died in the line of duty) is to be established to provide assistance to the population in reestablishing civilization above ground. Federation Medical and Science departments have finished the terraforming process making the surface livable again and a new colony is to be established. Both a peace keeping and occupational force the men and women of Camp Hayes, 3rd Regiment and support forces, are tasked with overseeing the revitalization of a planet”s main population while providing Force Recon support to any and all Starfleet vessels in need.

If you are interested in joining this game, please visit “Your Account” and create a character. If you are new to the FSF, join via their website.

New Guild: USS Cadecus – MASH

In coordination with the Guild Director, the FSF is pleased to announce the creation of a new guild, USS Cadecus – MASH.

The USS Cadecus is a hospital cruiser or floating MASH unit capable of deploying to whatever area needs her services. She is capable of carrying medical supplies to distant colonies, running combat support hospitals under fire, all while at the same time running field triage units on the ground. Disaster relief would also be under our purview.

NOTE: Even though this is a Medical Ship, we would still have to be more than capable of defending ourselves. Although we can always out run the enemies if necessary.

If you are interested in joining this or any of our other guilds, please visit our Guild Listing.

New Sim: Star Wars: Relentless

Alpha Fleet is proud to present the newest simulation in the FSF, Star Wars: Relentless. Relentless will be taking the place of Myriad Galaxies in the format of a message board game in the midst of episodes four and five of the trilogy. Do you have what it takes to save the free planets from the Empire? To support the Rebellion? Sign up today and create a character. Sim is hosted by FSF Omni and FSF Nefarious.