Epsilon Fleet Awards Night

Tonight, Epsilon Fleet will be hosting another awards night in the FSF. This time, Epsilon Fleet hosts will be giving awards and recognition to the simmers in their fleet.

The event is scheduled for 9PM Eastern Time in the AIM/AOL room “Ten Forward”. To get there, click either one of these links: [AIM][AOL].

Poker Winners

Thanks to everyone that came to Poker last night. We had a nice group of people together on Yahoo and, after finding an open table that we could take for ourselves, we had a full group of ten poker players.

After almost two hours of poker playing, we had several people with the biggest earnings of the night. Winners were determined by the biggest gain over their cash amounts at the start of the evening.

Our winners were…
First Place: FSF Hawg
Second Place: FSF Omni
Third Place: Amber

All our other places got 50 points just for showing up. Thanks everyone!

FSF Fleet Awards Ceremony Friday

Friday at 9:00p.m. Eastern time, Epsilon Fleet will host the first Annual FSF Fleet Awards Ceremony. All are invited to attend.

The Awards Ceremony is for the Fleet Command Staff of the participating Fleets to award the members, sims, and hosts in their fleets for the hard work and fun they have contributed to their fleet over the past year.

The participating fleets as of now are Alpha Fleet, Omega Fleet and
Epsilon Fleet. If you”re not a member of one of these fleets we would still love for you to stop by and attend. If you are a member of one of these fleets then stop by and show your support.

The Awards Ceremony will be in Ten Forward [AIM][AOL]. We look forward to seeing you there!

FSF MikeM Named Omega Fleet CO

Effective December 1, 2005, MikeM has been promoted from Omega Fleet Execitive Officer (and acting CO), to Commanding Officer. Wolf will be stepping down to XO until a replacement can be found.

Wolf has served FSF with enthusiasm for many years. Starting out a young simmer, moving up to Senior Staff positions on his games, then a Host. He earned a position as Omega Fleet XO under Morpheus, and eventually CO. While he was in Fleet Command, Omega Fleet went through a resurgence, going from one of the smallest, and least stable Fleets, to one of the strongest. Recently, with his workload increased at school, he has found it impossible to give the time and energy required to run Omega Fleet to his best abilities, thus the change.

Mike, as we all know came in with the SFOL merge, and was their XO. He had done an excellent job there in helping keep the group afloat during very difficult times. His recent move to Omega Fleet was an opportunity to become even more involved with running the day to day operations of another Fleet. His experience in SFOL allowed him to slide right into Omega, and fill in for Wolf during his Leave of Absence. He made it through a rough patch, and hasn”t looked back since. His ascension to CO seemed like a no-brainer once Wolf made his intentions known. We are confident that Mike will be a great CO for Omega Fleet.

Congratulations Mike!

FSF Poker Night

What happens in the FSF stays in the FSF. That includes… FSF”s Poker Night! What will be done for the “FSF Poker Night”?

We will be using Yahoo! Games for a poker event. The game of choice? Hold ”Em. Each Yahoo table holds ten players. If we get more than ten players, we”ll use multiple tables.

What incentive do you have to partake? All players that show up that night will receive 50 points just for playing. There will also be larger prizes for the top three players. How will they be determined? All that play in the Poker Matches will have their scores tallied. Basically… the Yahoo money amounts for each player will be marked when the games begin. Those with the top three biggest wins will receive up to 500 points. (Note: This is using Yahoo money. There is NO real money involved.)

All FSF members that wish to partake must email me (FSF Josh) with the following information:
-FSF AMS account name
-Yahoo Account Name (to gain access… all rooms will be private)
-Your email address

This game will happen Saturday, December 10th, at 9:00 PM Eastern time. The locations of the game will be determined that night. All participants that have signed up by then will receive an email regarding the location of the game.

Contest Winners

Tonight, we held the drawings for the Turkey Day contest and Character Bio Image Contests, both of which occurred during the month of November. There was a small group that gathered in Ten Forward, some there for the chat, others hoping to win. Below are the winners and their prizes.

Character Bio Contest (winning user accounts listed)
First Place (500 points) – Harmon
Second Place (250 points) – Seiben
Third Place (100 points) – FSF Storm
Fourth Place (100 points) – Raven81
Fifth Place (100 points) – Cody

The winner of the Turkey Day picture contest was FSF Luke! This is his photo.

Thanks to all that showed up.

USS Galtuch Relaunches

The USS Galtuch, one of the new Moskva Class Starships Commissioned starts it”s journey on 2181, the Galtuch leaves space dock with only one goal, explore new worlds and strange places, boldly go where no one has gone before.

While the United Federation of Planets has only explored a small part of space, many ships are being commissioned in order to explore more parts of space, meet new species and learn from other civilizations.

The USS Galtuch is dispatched to Deep Space 2, and from there, there is no limit as to where space will lead them, a brave crew who is willing to discover the unknown and be the representative of the United Federation of Planets to species they will encounter on their journey, the crew is anxious to not see home and be as far from it for as much time they possibly can.

The USS Galtuch is a Play-By-eMail (PBeM) simulation. It is hosted by FSF Mackenzie and FSF Tommy.

Want to learn more about the Galtuch? Visit their website.

The Galtuch is an Epsilon Fleet game.