New Contest: Turkey Day Pictures!

Thanksgiving Day in the US is here and to celebrate, we”re offering up 500 My Points! to the winner of this contest. Have a photo from Thanksgiving Day to share? Perhaps a picture of a weird side dish or maybe even the turkey itself? Upload it to the Thanksgiving Day Contest Library and automatically get 100 My Points! just for playing! Contest ends on November 30th, so get your photos in as soon as you can! Winner will be chosen at random on December 1st.

USS Magistrate Relaunches as an Email Sim

In 2379, Enterprise E falls in battle after facing a new Romulan Warbird prototype. Soon after, Earth falls to the same fate. The cause of all this destruction, a new Alliance composed of Romulans, Breen, and the Dominion Empire that has newly formed in secret. After this event the Federation is in chaos, many worlds fall spreading destruction and misery throughout the Alpha Quadrant. It didn”t take long before the Klingons allied themselves with what was left of the Federation.

Almost 100 years later, the blood shed still lives on and the Klingon Empire finally disintegrates into ruins…… The remaining Klingons fight along side of the thirty Starfleet ships led by the USS Magistrate, from the old Federation. The Alpha Quadrant had collapsed into a dictatorship. With new and dangerous situations arising daily, the Magistrate and her rag-tag fleet of survivors decide to leave the only home they have ever known and make plans to escape.

The year is now 2486. 7 years later, The USS Magistrate Commands the New Federation in an undiscovered and unknown area of space. The fleet has grown, 24 new civilizations have joined the New Federation. The New Federation experiences hardships and turmoil. New discoveries are made and seemingly insurmountable struggles are overcome. Through all the chaos of first contact situations the New Federation forges on with one goal in mind……regain what was lost. This is your chance to get in on the first mission.

Feel free to visit our new web site!

The hosts are FSF Morpheus and FSF Perez.

This sim is rated: PG-13

Our Lounge Board is up and running, so come by and chat with us.


We are a proud member of Alpha Fleet.

FSF Hawg Named Gamma XO

Another Fleet Command position has been filled. FSF Hawg, one of the FSF”s newer hosts, was named as Gamma Fleet XO. This was the last fleet command opening. With his position filled, Fleet Command is once again fully staffed.

FSF Hawg, though being a newer host in the FSF, has many many years of simming experience. He also has several years of hosting experience from SFOL. His experience and skills will undoubtedly be a great asset to Gamma Fleet.

For more information about Gamma Fleet, visit their website.