FSF Margo Named Space Fleet XO

After FSF MikeM”s departure from Space Fleet to help out Omega, there was an opening in its command staff. That opening is now filled. FSF Margo is the new Space Fleet XO.

FSF Margo came into the FSF along with the other Space Fleet hosts when their fleet merged in. She also comes with several good recommendations. She is sure to be a great asset to Space Fleet. Welcome to Fleet Command!

You can learn more about Space Fleet by visiting their website.

Character Image Contest

During the month of November, there will be another FSF Contest. Interested in participating? Good! This contest will make use of the new ability to upload character images, found within your character management screen.

How will this contest work? Simple! To enter into the contest, simply upload a picture for your character into the FSF AMS, going in through the character management page. You can enter multiple times by simply uploading a picture for each of your characters. NOTE: You must upload a different picture for each of your characters.

From now until December 1st, you will have the opportunity to upload your character images. On December 1st, a drawing will be done. For each character that you upload a picture for, you will have a chance at winning! Only one win per account, however.

There will be 5 usernames that will win at random. What will they win? My Points!
1st Place- 500 Points
2nd Place- 250 Points
3rd Place- 100 Points
4th Place- 100 Points
5th Place- 100 Points

If you have any questions, feel free to email the community director.

Starbase 254 Relaunches

It was bound to happen sooner or later…….playing the same character week after endless week can turn into a case of the “mundanes.” Just going through the motions with your character, rather than the challenging fun it once was is sometimes contagious. Before you know it, your whole sim is fighting this disease. Open chat sims have offered a great therapy for this problem……but what if your resistance is really down and you catch the “schedule change” illness and aren”t able to commit to a specific sim time? Starbase 254 has a remedy for this affliction…..and it”s FREE! No Appointment necessary!

SB254 is launching as an OPEN MESSAGE BOARD SIM. We will be running unrelated missions every two weeks. A briefing will be posted the Thursday before each mission begins. You can then post what position you would like to play. The roster will be up by Saturday. If this doesn”t quite fill the prescription then you can also post to the sim even if you don”t sign up. Just come on by and play any Assistant”s position that isn”t taken. Or you could post as a civilian. The choices are unlimited. There are a few “key” permanent positions on SB254 – Both hosts, of course will always be there to help you in any way they can. The boards are moderated…so no worries of any mutated spam virus showing up.

The cure is painless all you have to do is slip on the Starfleet uniform or civilian garb of your choice – join the fun at SB254 and be healed!

Check out our new Message Boards! There has been all sorts of mischief going on in the Photon Caf?……feel free to post there anytime. You can see all the boards, however, to post you must register.

SB254 website has been revamped. Visit the Starbase 254 website.

SB254 is rated PG-13 – Hosted by FSF Storm and FSF Goran.

All positions are open and Cadets welcome!

Deliverance Reaches 10;000 Posts

The USS Deliverance has just hit a small milestone. Yes, they have become the first FSF simulation board to receive a combined number of posts of 10,000.

The USS Deliverance website can be found here. Interested in the FSF Community? Join many lively discussions or follow the adventures of the FSF Simulations by visiting the message boards.

Keyword Game

Using the keyword box on the top right of www.sb254.com, enter in the answers to these questions to the keyword box, and visit the next page that loads. Search on that page with the next clue and then enter the answer into the keyword box and keep moving. The first 5 people that send me the answer to this question via an ams message get 75 points.

1. What document requires a hosting pledge?

2. Fill in the blank: “Hosts must be ________ and consistent.”

3. Which section says: “no more than eight”

4. Who uploaded this file?

5. What is the 6th word of this answer?

6. What does he drink lots of?

7. First word on the page?

8. Email me the answer to May 1st?

Answers must be received by Friday October 21 at 5pm. Everyone that plays will get at least 10 points.

USS Vastitude Receives New Site

Giving a sim a facelift can help make a sim receive a fresh new look. The USS Vastitude has received just such a facelift in the form of a new website, and it certainly gives the sim a new look.

The Vastitude is a Play By e-Mail (PBeM) game. A strong Sovereign-class vessel, the ship is assigned to secure the Federation”s borders from the pirates and marauding bands that would like to use the bordering systems for their own purposes.

The new Vastitude website was created by the sim”s GM1, FSF Tommy. The new site can be found at this link.

My Points! Center

Have you seen this new area of the FSF? No? Well its time for you to get into it!

What is My Points! ? Simply, its a way to get points for participating in the FSF. These points can then be redeemed towards free items and prizes.

Want to learn more infortmation? Then visit the section of the FSF site devoted to the My Points! system: My Points! Center. If you have any questions regarding this system, please speak to the Community Director.

Contest Winners

Please congratulate the following contest winners! They were selected among 27 other member entries.

1st – FSF Titan
2nd – FSF Starla
3rd – Jace
4th – FSF Justin
5th – FSF Raven

Winners should contact contest director to claim prizes or points.