Toolbar & Member Map

FSF Eclipse has released the brand new FSF Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox. It has all the links you need for your FSF and simming needs, such as links to frequently used websites and information guides, plus links to your favorite fleets! It”s ad-ware and spy-ware free, and replaces your Google Toolbar. Download it today and support FSF! Your use helps support FSF web costs.

Also, FSF Luke has released the new FSF Member Map! Add your marker and indicate whereabouts you live today!

Zoom in and participate today!

New Sim: USS Pegasus

FSF is pround to announce the latest sim admission in our ranks: USS Pegasus. The Pegasus, formerly an independant sim, has run for a steady six years and is a well run and fully staffed chat simulation. The game has been assigned to the Delta Fleet under FSF Josh.

Unlike most other games in the FSF, the Pegasus is an IRC simulation. They meet Tuesday nights at 9PM Eastern time in IRC room #uss-pegasus. The crew is very active in terms of writing and each chat sim is usually accompanied by well written logs and posts on their mailstring. They are a great addition and the FSF is glad to welcome them aboard.

The Pegasus game is run by FSF Poe and FSF Finster. Their game information can be found here, and their game website can be found here as well.

Welcome aboard guys! And to all their crew, welcome.

New Guild Director Chosen

FSF Eclipse has been promoted to the position of Guild Director after FSF Poler stepped down from the position earlier this week. FSF Poler led a revitalization of the Guilds last year which prompted the creation of several new guilds, the reorganization of several popular guilds and the expansion of the role of message boards on the Guild Program. FSF Eclipse has been his assistant for much of that time and looks forward to the new opportunities that present themselves with this new position.

Host of the Year – 2005

The Administration is proud to announce the Host of the Year for 2005: FSF Lowell.

Ken Lowell has been host of the USS John C. Stennis, Fleet CO of Gamma Fleet and Personnel Director in the FSF. He”s also been involved heavily in community events, group improvement, Fleet Command initiatives and much more.

The group commends FSF Lowell for his efforts. Congratulations Ken.

Member Photos Contest

During the month of September, the FSF is holding a contest for member photo uploads to our Member Photos file library. If you have a photo of yourself or your family, upload it today or up until the end of September to be entered into the contest! Drawing for prizes will occur on October 1st.

1st Place: FSF Wall Clock

2nd Place: FSF Mousepad

3rd Place: FSF Calendar

4th & 5th Place: FSF Button & Magnet

Upload today! Your entry must be uploaded and be a valid picture before the end of September to be in the running. Questions and comments about the contest should be directed to FSF Josh. Questions about the Libraries should go to FSF Omni.

Another Delta Fleet Update

The changes in Delta Fleet continue. First FSF Josh became Fleet CO. Then FSF Cuce was appointed as the new Delta Fleet XO. Now, Delta Fleet has another new change: a new website.

The new Delta Fleet site, created by FSF Josh, creates a cleaner look for Delta Fleet to work with. The new site comes with similar features comparable with other FSF fleet websites.

The new site can be found here, at If you have any questions or comments about the site, send them to FSF Josh.