Epsilon Fleet Celebration

On Wednesday, August 31, at 8:30-11:00 PM Eastern Time, there will be a drop-in party in Ten-Forward ( [AOL] [AIM] ) celebrating and commemorating FSF Titan”s 5th Anniversary as CO of Epsilon Fleet. The hosts of E Fleet invite all to join us in this time of celebration. Come on come all in your one chance to tell all stories on Titan that you can think of. All are welcome. If you have any questions contact FSF Storm by email or IM her at “FSF Storm” anytime.

FSF Cuce Promoted to Delta Fleet XO

The FSF is abuzz this morning on the news that Brian Cuce (FSF Cuce) has been approved and promoted to the position of Delta Fleet Executive Officer and member of FSF”s Fleet Command, its governing body. Brian Cuce has been a member of the FSF for eight years and brings with him years of experience in every aspect of FSF simming: AIM, IRC, email and message boards. Congratulations, Brian.

Guild Newsletter – July Edition

Activity Award Winner: Online Gaming Guild
Online Gaming Guild Leader: Eclipse

The Guild Newsletter is here for everyone to read, it explains all the guilds, and their recent activities, as well as links to important topics. I would like to encourage everyone take the time to read this over and perhaps take a moment or two to post to the community. The FSF Guilds are here by the simmers, for the simmers.

Read the Rest of the Newsletter here on the message boards.
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