SFOL Merger Moves Ahead

The Space Fleet merger is progessing at a fairly quick pace. Over the next few weeks, SFOL players will continue to sign up into the AMS (over 40 have already done so) and be assigned to their games. SFOL Hosts will continue to be trained with their staff tools and players will begin to intermingle. All SFOL sims and hosts were added to the AMS over the weekend.

Websites are in the process of being uploaded and updated (with several being linked into the AMS) and the process of completely integrating the SFOL message board has been completed. Over 6,000 posts and 200 users were added into the FSF message board with absolutely no difficulty. Check it out here.

The FSF community welcomes SFOL with open arms and looks forward to close cooperation over the coming years. Any questions about the merger can be directed to any member of the Administration.

Historic Merger: Spacefleet Online (SFOL)

by Chas Hammer (reposted with permission)

STARBASE 254 – Two of the oldest Star Trek sim clubs announced a merger yesterday, ending months of speculation. Space Fleet Online (SFOL), the former official Trek sim club of AOL, will be joining the Federation Sim Fleet (FSF).

The merger provides SFOL with a new home and maintains the clubs identity as a separate subfleet in FSF.

FSF – already one of the largest sim clubs – will see its membership base expand by 15%, to over 600 individuals.

Jon Shuni, FSF?s Administrator stated, ?A partnership and joining between two of the finest groups in the simming community is long overdue and is expected to be both challenging and rewarding for all those involved.?

SFOL has experienced recent gains after its difficult transition off of AOL, and Fleet Admiral Scott2, Commander-in-Chief of SFOL, sees the merger as the next logical step, ?The merger with FSF is, in my opinion, a big step for us in regaining more respect within the simming community, and also a way of embarking on a wonderful and bright future in Spacefleet Online.?

FSF was founded in 1993, and has experienced tremendous growth over the last five years through a series of skillful mergers and acquisitions.

SFOL, a pioneer of early simming, rose to great heights during a time when most Star Trek sims consisted of random get together fleet actions by being one of the first clubs to use organized ships and crews as the basis of its sims.

By 1994, SFOL dominated Trek simming on AOL and became the official Trek sim club of AOL. In recent years, however, SFOL has experienced hard times, beginning with AOLs closing of many of its simming and gaming forums. This prompted SFOL to end its relationship with AOL and move to the internet.

Admiral Scott was instrumental in rebuilding SFOL on the internet, and his desire to continue to grow and strengthen SFOLs presence on the internet is apparently what prompted the merger.

Admiral Scott added, ?Those who think that SFOL will be dissolving somehow, think again. The terminology being used for this merger is still being worked out, but both FSF and SFOL agree that it”s imperative that SFOL maintain it”s own identity, especially because SFOL is one of the pioneer groups within the simming community.?

Despite initial hesitations and concerns from club members, SFOL voted overwhelmingly to approve the merger. FSF?s Fleet Command voted unanimously to approve the merged of SFOL into FSF as ”Space Fleet”.

New Sim: USS Cartier

Fleet Command is pleased to announce the simulation admission of the USS Cartier game, run by FSF Acton and FSF BK. Please check out their website (which will transition to the FSF server shortly).

The sim currently resides in the post-Nemesis era in the middle of a Cardassian rescue mission. Join today through the AMS.

USS Endevour Celebrates Website

The USS Endevour simulation, currently Epsilon”s longest running simulation celebrates a new website which was built by one of the Sim Members.

FSF Storm, the host of the Endevour talks greatly on the new website: “The new site is not only expressive of our new mission, but also filled with information about Endevour and Star Trek things in general. Mack did a wonderful job. We hope you love the new site as much as we do.”

Click here to enter the new website.

IRC Seminar Reminder

FSF”s Second IRC Seminar is scheduled for tonight at 7:30 PM EST. The Seminar will occur on room #FSF at FSF”s IRC Server irc.sb254.com. You can enter the room either by using an IRC Client or by our Java applet at http://www.sb254.com/chat.php.

If anyone still has any problem getting in the room, online help regarding entering IRC will be available at AIM/AOL room “FSF IRC Seminar”

Everyone who wants to come is welcome to attend the Seminar, it will last about 1 hour to 1.5 hours, where I will explain the basics of IRC, commands and advanced commands in IRC.

In case you have any questions you are welcome to contact me by email.

Hope to see you!
Have a safe weekend,
FSF Tommy