New Guild Director Announced

The Administration is pleased to announce the appointment of Poler Leopold (FSF Poler) to the position of Guild Director, effective immediately.

The Guild Director position manages and oversees the dozen guilds in the FSF, which promote community and discussion on a non-sim level.

Congratulation Poler!

A Second IRC Seminar Scheduled!

To help increase awareness and comfort regarding IRC, FSF Tommy has volunteered to run an IRC seminar to help people to better understand the simplicities and power of IRC.

Where will this Seminar be? On in #fsf if using an IRC program. Or go to to use a Java client.

When? Friday, June 3rd at 7:30 PM US Eastern time.

For about an hour, FSF Tommy will be discussing the basics of IRC and will be able to answer IRC questions, as well as help everyone to get used to IRC. After everyone has the basics understood, Tommy will then be helping people learn more advanced commands that will enhance their IRC experience.

Anyone wanting to learn more about IRC is invited to attend!

If you have any questions or problems connecting, contact FSF Tommy or FSF Josh.

IRC Seminar Tonight

When: May 18th, 9:00pm EST
Where: #FSF — or go here:
What: The basics of IRC, and how they are used in simming
Who: Anyone can attend the seminar, whether they are in FSF or not, so bring yourself and your friends!
How: Don”t worry if you don”t know how to log on. Logging on through the website is easy, and when you arrive there will be people to help you.
How long: Around 1 hour.

USS Phoenix Receives New Website

So continues the recent trend in the fleet. It is apparently that time of year, when sims start getting a new look. The USS Phoenix is no different, getting a new look that is truly wonderful. What kind of look is that?

If you check out the new Phoenix website, you”ll get a clue. This site, one of many wonderful sites made by FSF Tommy, has given the USS Phoenix simulation a new look.

The USS Phoenix sim is a Play By eMail (PBeM) sim. It is currently run by FSF Scythe and FSF Spectre. If you are interested in learning more about the sim, contact either of their hosts, check the sim”s information, or simply visit their new site!

Simmer Appreciation Week

For the first week of May, from Monday the 2nd to Sunday the 8th, it will be Simmer Appreciation Week. What does that mean? It means that this week is devoted to… thats right… you! The simmer!

During this week, all hosts will be showing their gratitude to their simmers on the message boards, email strings, and their chat rooms. Look for an appreciation thread starting on your local Sim Lounge on the message board!

Does this mean that just the hosts will be showing appreciation? Not at all! Use this opportunity to thank your fellow simmers for helping to make the sim fun! Show your own gratitude by doing something nice for your fellow simmers. Or even just give them something to smile at. Just remember: This is your week! As players, this is your chance to be kind to one another. Make it a good week, have fun, and remember to show appreciation to each other!