Omega Fleet gets New Website

Omega Fleet, home to several of the FSF”s finest sims and hosts, has just gotten a new website. The new site, featuring a clean and easy to navigate look, gives Omega a new look.

The new Omega Fleet site features an Omega Fleet Sim listing, a list of Omega Hosts and their assignments, as well as a page devoted to resources that simmers may be interested in reading. These include FSF documents as well as articles pertaining to Omega Fleet directly.

The site creator, FSF Tommy, was quite pleased with the new site. “I am very excited about the new site, it contains many new features and information about Omega, it also represents the new image of the Omega Fleet,” he said.

Other hosts have expressed their views of the new site. “I personally like the site. It gives Omega a very professional look, in my opinion,” wrote FSF Josh, who hosts the USS Noralus in Omega Fleet.

If you are interested in viewing the new site, click here.

Mailing Lists @ FSF

The Federation Sim Fleet is proud to announce the creation of the first integrated mailing list system on the web for gaming groups that is linked to message boards and the Account Management System.

The Administration rolled out the new technology yesterday to the hosting body describing it as a ”final push to rely less on flawed technology like YahooGroups and more to relying on our own ingenuity and resources well into the future.” It is expected that games will begin to convert to the message board mailing lists over the next several weeks.

“The technology itself has existed since early 2003, but it was very buggy, flawed and didn”t have all the features that FSF required,” Jonathan Shuni said this morning. “But our team of programmers got the latest release of the software and went to work modifying the code to suit our needs.” Specific needs included the use of fonts in emails/posts and the use of tag lines in the subject line and the ability to manage the subscription lists similar to YahooGroups. “We”ll be writing more code in the coming weeks to give greater control to our hosts.”

Joe Ferguson, Fleet CO of Epsilon Fleet added “I am really excited about this new feature. It is one that I have personally been looking forward to for a long time. I think this will only increase our drive for community and forum usage and help archive the history of our sims.”

For more information, please see the hosts of your simulation.

USS Noralus gets a new Website!

After two years, the USS Noralus finally received a new website. The old site, reflecting the creative talents of FSF Orion, was replaced tonight. To see it, visit the USS Noralus.

The new site has already received high praise from those that previewed it. FSFTitan is quoted as say “that site is awesome.” Others that have viewed it have said similar remarks.

FSFJosh spoke of his new sim website. “I felt that it was time to change the face of the Noralus. While I liked the old site, I wanted something that would reflect the Noralus through my eyes. Also, since we were getting a new ship, I felt that it would be best to reflect the new ship with a new site.”

The USS Noralus is an IRC sim in Omega Fleet. It sims every Friday night at 9:30 PM Eastern time on the FSF”s IRC server.

Merger Announced

A long awaited event has finally been approved by Fleet Command. After much talk and work, a new, sixth fleet has been formed in the FSF. This fleet, called Theta Fleet, will house five sims that have left SLA and have joined the FSF.

Wanting to join a larger, more active community, these five sims look to be great additions to the FSF and are sure to help the FSF grow as a group. These sims are the Zealous, Star Wars: Dragon Squadron, the Lexington (Enterprise era), the USS Ark Royal, and USS Avenger. The Zealous alone brings in almost 40 new simmers, so the impact on the FSF is tremendous.

The new fleet will be run by FSF Josh. To help him out, and to better transition the new sims, will be former SLA Jaarda. She already is a great sim host and will be an even better Fleet XO.

Commenting on the new additions, FSF Josh commented, “I look forward to working with these sims. These were some of the most active sims in the SLA. While I”m sad to see them leave their former home, I honestly don”t care, as we now are getting them. I”m sure the FSF will reach a high peak of quality this year with the addition of these sims.”

Contest Winners Announced!

Congratulations to the winners!

For the message board contest, the winners are:

    1st – FSF Kariena
    2nd – FSF Avatar
    3rd – DarkForces
    4th – FSF ONeil
    5th – FSF Morpheus
    6th – Chronox

For the file library contest, the winners are:

    1st – fsflowell
    2nd – fsfsheridan
    3rd – rorschach
    4th – mdavenport16309
    5th – miles mcguyver
    6th – fsfjustin

Winners can claim their prizes immediately by emailing the contest administrator.

Chat log of the event is available in the Miscellaneous Files library.