USS Stargazer: After Dark!

Have you ever wondered about how a Ship is run after the “Alpha Shift” ends? Ever find yourself thinking about the poor souls who are assigned to the “Graveyard Shift”? Have you ever thought about what Starfleet Officers did when they weren”t on duty?

If you”ve answered yes to any of these questions, then you should check out USS Stargazer: After Dark! This Message Board Simulation is an extension of the USS Stargazer Chat Sim, which has been one of the leading Star Trek Chat Simulations for over 5 years.

USS Stargazer: After Dark chronicles the exploits of the Stargazer”s Night Shift. It also gives people an in depth look at the lives of the Alpha Shift crew, when they are off duty.

This new addition is an attempt at the FSF”s first ever Dual-Medium Sim. Like a Joint Sim between a Chat game and Message Board game, except it all happens on one ship.

Take a look! Our Forums are located at: Stargazer Forums

Stargazer: After Dark is a brand new game, that has just launched and needs Officers in All Departments!

USS Stargazer Website

Contact FSF Truce if you have any questions, or would like to join the Stargazer.

FSF Buzz – 2004 in Review

The FSF Buzz staff is proud to announce the release of their latest publication.
Unlike the usual monthly editions, this issue covers the news and goings on during the FSF”s eleventh year – 2004.
Monthly summaries, Fleet reviews, interviews and special articles dish up the scoop over the entire last year.

HTML Version
PDF Version


FSF Tommy, FSF Starla
Contributing Editors

12th Anniversary of the FSF!

On Thursday March 10th, an event so big, so spectacular is coming…that it took over a decade to create… what is it?

Why, the Twelth (12th) Anniversary Celebration for the Federation Sim Fleet! The FSF has been around in some way, shape, or form for 12 whole years and, in celebration, a large event has been planned so that all in the Simming Community may enjoy the festivities and celebrate along with those that have seen Simming Evolve.

On Thursday, March 10th, from 7-11 PM US Central time, join in on the fun! What fun will there be? Where will it be? From 7-11 Central, you can find SOME activity occuring on Yahoo, on AIM, and even on IRC!

On Yahoo Messenger, there will be a continuous voice chat. If the room gets too full, a second room may be opened. Stop in and enjoy (or laugh at?) the voices of your favorite hosts, admins, and simmers! To join in on the chat, go to your Yahoo! Messenger program, go to the Messenger Menu, then “Yahoo Rooms”. Join ANY room (or create your own) and then, once inside, type “/join FSFChatroom”, without the quotes.

What about AIM?

From 7-11, there will be an open sim, where anyone can come in and jump right in on the action. It is split up into 3 time slots. The room is “Ten Forward”.
7:00-8:20 – Hosts: To Be Determined
8:20-9:40 – Hosts: To Be Determined
9:40-11:00 – Hosts: FSFStarla,

That covers AIM and Yahoo…what about IRC? On the FSF server ( is the server, #fsf is the room), you will find the heart of the event. Whether you connect with an IRC client like mIRC or the Java chat at , you will be able to take part. The schedule is as follows:
7:00-8:00 – Star Trek Trivia – Host(s): FSFJosh
8:00-9:00 – Open chat with Simming Hosts and administrators. FSF Hosts and members will be there to speak of FSF”s past. Veterans from the simming community in general are invited to come and take part, sharing memories of the past with others.
9:00-10:00 – Star Gate Trivia – Host(s): SGLaFontaine
10:00-11:00 – Open Chat/Forum with simmers and hosts. Random games and events will occur during this time, as will more chats with Veterans of the Simming Community.

All Times in Central Time

As you can see, alot is planned for this event. And it all revolves around the community. Not just of the FSF, but of all simmers and Star Trek fans everywhere! Feel free to invite your friends to this event, and be sure to be there yourselves!

Have any questions about this event? Get in touch with FSFJosh through either AIM or by email.

Lurker Account Rules

Please note that lurker accounts (those without ANY characters) will be purged from the group after one year of senescence. In order to retain your account, either activate a character or update your personal information once a year.

Alert: Message Board and File Library Contests!

During the month of March, there will be two different contests that will have you entered into drawings for free prizes. Both require nothing but a little bit of work from you! How will it work?

First, post a picture of yourself to the Member Photo area of the FSF File Library during the month of March. You will automatically be entered and eligible to win during the random drawing on April 1st! Prizes are:
1st Place: 1 Free item of choice (valued $20 or less) from the FSF Cafepress Store (
2nd Place: 1 $10 gift certificate to
3rd Place: 1 GMail invite

Sounds good for doing very little doesn”t it? 🙂 But there is a second contest! Post three (3) posts of substance to the message boards to be entered! What does that mean? Join in the discussions on any sim boards, any fleet boards, in the guilds, anywhere on the FSF Message Boards! But spam posts will not be counted! What can you win with this?
1st Place: 1 Free Wall Clock from the FSF Store
2nd Place: 1 $5 gift certificate to
3rd Place: 1 GMail invite

Both contests will take very little effort! Do your part to help the community and, at the same time, get a chance to win free prizes!

On April 1st at 9pm EST, join us in Ten Forward AIM chat room for the drawing of the lucky winners. Five names will be chosen randomly from each of the pool of names and 1st and 2nd prizes given to the top two people in each list respectively. If the winner declines the prize or is unreachable, we”ll move down the list; 2nd will become first and 3rd will become 2nd and so on.

You need to be a member of the FSF to participate in the library contest, but anyone participating on the message boards is eligible for the MB contest.

Good luck!