New Bug Tracker

In a final push to eliminate the last of the bugs in every FSF website, AMS and forums page, we have released a bug tracker for FSF members to submit the bugs they encounter. They even get rewards for their efforts.

Click here to fill out a bug report. The link can also be found in the Member”s Area.

If you encounter any kind of unwanted message, page error or unknown occurance, please report it.

New Sim: Twilight Raven

FSF is proud to announce the creation of a new Stargate simulation based on the series Stargate: Atlantis. Team 7, nicknamed Twilight Raven, will be running missions through the gate on a message board every week.

The New Gate has opened; the lost city of Atlantis rises again. An international team of scientists and military personnel undertook the one-way journey. Here a finite amount of Earth personnel, joined by a small number of alien Athosians fight a new enemy, the Wraiths. Trapped in the Pegasus Galaxy, these new teams must find a way home, while facing this new alien threat. Various combinations of teams are established in order to best cover the vast territory, hoping to discover more technologies and resources left by the Ancients. Our team, ?Lucky number 7,? has just been organized and assigned one of the five spacecrafts affectionately referred to as a ?Puddle Jumper.? Our crew, the best and brightest chosen for their individual specialties as well as their superior abilities as team players, has just been assembled and awaits their first mission together. Their first major decision was to christen their ship the “Twilight Raven.” That declaration out of the way they await orders.

Please feel free to check out their website or join the FSF and create a character today!

FSF Avatar Appointed Alpha Fleet XO

Immediately following the vote for Josh to become Delta Executive Officer, Fleet Command also passed another vote for Ventrue Avatar to be made the Executive Officer of Alpha Fleet. Avatar commented that he was surprised and never expected to be bestowed this honor. When informed he accepted the promotion to Fleet Command swiftly. Avatar hosts Legacy (Alpha Fleet) with Alpha CO, Jon Sader. Avatar also hosts Starbase 254 (Alpha Fleet) and RSE Ascension (Gamma Fleet). Avatar is also the Guild Director. Congratulations Avatar!

FSF Josh Appointed Delta Fleet XO

Effective immediately, FSF Josh has passed through the magic eight ball of fleet command, and will be the new Delta Fleet Executive Officer. He should sound familiar to most of you, as he hosts in Delta Fleet, Omega Fleet, and Alpha Fleet. He is almost always around and is easily accessible by email and Instant Messenger. Please join the hosting community in congratulating Josh in his promotion to Fleet Command.

New Simulation Website

Today Omega Fleet announced a new website for their message board simulation, Starfleet Command. The co-designers, FSF Jace and FSF Cuce have been working been working on it for the last week staying up all hours of the night, Jace even claims to not have slept at all last Thursday night. “We want to show the full capabilities this sim has and all the multiple roles that a simmer can take. Only here can a simmer be the Klingon High Chancellor while another can be a Romulan Tal Shiar agent set to destroying a Starfleet vessel” said Cuce earlier tonight. You can visit the website at