Old Dog Learning New Tricks

New Capricorn Website

The Starbase Capricorn, set years in the future as Starfleet?s foothold in the Gamma Quadrant has gone missing. With a temporal shockwave whipping the galaxy years into the past, the only crew that could escape the wave?s destructive powers were those onboard the USS Freedom, which was docked with the base at the time of the temporal wave.

Now, after catching the end of the temporal wave?s massive power, the Freedom has been tossed only a few years before the Dominion War and may hold the key of saving countless lives with knowledge of the Dominion?s ships and planned attacks that Starfleet and the rest of the galaxy will see in the years to come.

Fate has kept its mouth sealed, and the Freedom?s true destiny will now be revealed?

Starbase Capricorn, one of the FSF?s oldest email sims has a new website. We asked FSFJustin about why Capricorn needed a new website ?Well, we just started a new plot that focusing on one of our ships, The Freedom, and I got so excited that I had Jace make a new website.? FSFJace commented ?Fate has in store more than just a new website, but also an awesome new plotline for these simmers that Justin came up with.?

See the new Capricorn website at http://sims.sb254.com/capricorn

A smell of Tyranny in the air?

The Terran Empire is at the height of its power. Spreading it”s might throughout the Alpha Quadrant. Such an empire must be kept under control, “protected” and expanded. Plundering worlds….Forced colonization. These responsibilities fall on Starfleet.

The ISS Tyranny is the newest Constitution Class Vessel to be commissioned by the Empire. She is brimming with firepower and a new crew. A crew that has blackmailed, conned and sometimes killed to gain their positions and rank. Commonplace in the empire where one must always watch their back. The ship is ready to launch on its five year mission to enforce the Empire”s laws throughout their domain. The crew facing enemies not only in the cold of space but within the hull of their own ship.

The ISS Tyranny is a new FSF Simulation in the Omega Fleet, the sim is hosted by FSF Lowell and FSF Tommy, the time is the TOS era.

Open Positions: HELM, NAV, COMM, CMO, CENG, CSEC

Join us in the mirror world of the Empire. Enjoyment is not promised, though.

Killing and blackmailing are.

Website: http://www.sb254.com/tyranny/

2004 Winners Announced!

Team Jeopardy was tonight at 10 PM with a tough battle between the hosts and the simmers. At first it looked poor for our simmer team, but after a recount a change in our victors was in order. After a tough battle of wits between two tough teams, the tally totals to:

340 Hosts
410 Simmers

The tossups were worth 20 points with the bonus at 10 points.

The simmers made an amazing comeback with a come-from-behind pull in the third round getting the full 150 points!

Congratulations to both of our teams. They did a terrific job! FSFAvatar was the Host Captain who fought a tough battle and he deserves special commendation. He had a strong support that consisted of Bri, Justin, Lowell and Starla who all did great jobs. Javier Duyan, the Simmer Captain, could not have done it on his own. Rihan Essence, McNamara CENG, LTSeanHolmesCMO and Miles McGuyver also did an awesome job backing him up which eventually led to the simmer win. The host of the game, FSFJace commented saying “I couldn”t believe seeing the win going for the simmers, but after seeing the excitement each time a tossup was won by the simmers I realized that it was team effort and perseverance that defeated these hosts. The hosts hammered down their tossup questions and it seemed like the simmers would never get control of the game, but when the simmers did on those few occasions, it was like magic. Javier Duyan was AMAZING with his clean sweep getting all four bonus questions when the game was in simmer control.” The Simmer Captain commented that “The hosts put up a good fight to the end, keeping a positive attutude. Its too bad that they didn”t win.:-)”

Congrats to both. No word yet on what next month will entail for FSF”s community event, except that FSFJosh will be hosting it.