USS Atlantis Website Launch

The USS Atlantis has recently launched it”s newly designed website. The website was designed almost entirely by the Atlantis Marine Commanding Officer, 2nd Lieutenant Poler Leopold, with help from FSF Jace for the roster; join form and uploading the website. The website sports a new look as well as several new items, such as a Captain”s corner, as well as the sim policies and the log from the last sim. Thanks again to Poler Leopold and FSF Jace. The website is located at

Trek Trivia Tuesday is Back!

After its successful run last Tuesday, it is true! Trek Trivia Tuesday is back and is as fun as before! A Thank you to all who were there to either enjoy the chat or play the Trivia. It is time for T Cubed to be a regular part in all of your lives.

What is T Cubed? Trek Trivia Tuesday! Every Tuesday at 10:00 PM Eastern, Trek Trivia is hosted in the AIM/AOL room “Ten Forward”. Your hosts, FSF Josh and FSFBri, will ask questions that anyone in the room may answer. The hosts will then take the first THREE (3) correct answers! Points are then given out: 5 to the First Correct Answerer, 3 to the second, 1 to the third. Play continues until five or ten minutes to the hour. Then… its the Final Question! Ranging from 10-15 points, the host will only take one correct answer.

But do you need to play if you come? Not at all! You can just come to enjoy the chat as well! Many people come just to enjoy being with fellow simmers and hosts from not only the FSF, but other groups as well. Join them in conversation! Enjoy the Trivia Game! Even enjoy the open bar operated by Qualified Staff!

People all over the simming world enjoy T Cubed! FSF Jace, an FSF host, even remarked, “Its a great way for simmers of other games to meet each other and interact. As a host I can speak with members of the FSF who I not normally get the chance to. Its also a fun way to see who the geekiest man or woman of the FSF is ”

Interested? Then just invite yourself to the AIM room “Ten Forward” or use the links that are on the right side of the FSF Homepage,

Have any questions? Comments? Requests? Then you”re more than welcome to contact the hosts of T Cubed! FSFBri and FSFJosh are always glad to take your comments and messages!

See you there next time, next Tuesday!

Team Jeopardy!

Team Jeopardy is coming to the Federation Sim Fleet on Monday, December 6th at 10:00 Eastern. The teams will consist of 6 simmers versus six of the FSF?s most notorious hosts in a battle of wits. The team that wins will be able to take claim to being the wittiest group for 2004.

The contest will be held in Ten Forward and last between 60 to 90 minutes.

AOL Link
AIM Link
Or just invite yourself to “Ten Forward”

Don”t want to compete? You can come and enjoy the company of chatting with other spectators.

Not a member of the FSF? You can join in on all the fun, too! Categories will vary between Trek, to Andromeda, to who won the World Series.

Contact FSF Jace to join in on all the fun this December.

Stargate Trivia

SciFi-Fusion and Stargategames is here to announce that Stargate Trivia is now on Thursdays, in Ten Forward at 10:30 ET. It will run for approximately one hour.

AOL Link
AIM Link
Or just invite yourself to “Ten Forward”

How is the trivia played? Simple. Anyone in the room can play. The host will take the first 3 correct answers, giving five (5) points to the first person to respond correctly, three (3) to the second, and one (1) to the third. The game lasts for exactly one hour, and the scores will be posted regularly.

If you don”t enjoy trivia, or are not a Stargate buff, don”t worry! You can still come to enjoy the chat with, not just other members, but simmers and roleplayers from several groups. Its an hour of fun times, with questions and conversation. We hope to see you there!
Stargategames and Scifi-Fusion are part of the Federation Sim Fleet (

Contact FSF Jace or FSF Paladin for more info.

New Boards Director: FSF Tommy

FSF is proud to announce a new Boards Director has been appointed. FSF Tommy assumes the position immediately. Boards Director is responsible for timely posting of awards, medals, promotions and graduations to the message board for member highlight, choosing the weekly ”log of the week” and also emailing the group mailing list with updates and threads from the message boards. If you see him around, congratulate him.