New Simulation: Circus of the Damned

Congratulations to FSF Kimberlee & FSF Rebel on the creation of a new Vampire themed simulationed called Circus of the Damned in the Omega Fleet.

The time is today, tomorrow and everyday there after. Vampires are legal citizens and Lycanthropcy is a disease.

Welcome to Boston

Here you learn to sleep with a gun under your pillow or a cross… thats if you can sleep at all.
When things go bump in the dark Eliza Stone is the one person who dares to bump back. Vampires and Lycanthropes aren”t the only things out at night, some good and some are as evil as they get.
Whose side will you be on when the full moon rises?

An amazing turn of fate brins three worlds on a collison course towards one another. Emotions will flare, tempers unfurl when the City”s Mistress realizes the newest slayer in town is more of a threat then the last. And one young man with a dark secret stands between a bitter woman seeking revenge and a vampire unlike any he”s ever met, the city”s foundations hang in the balance. As good and evil set to face off in what could be the biggest power struggle Boston has seen since the Revolutionary War.

If you”d like to join this sim, go into your account and click ”Create Character” and choose CotD.

Visit the website here.