New Websites for FSF Simulations

The Doctor is in! Three simulation websites have been given a facelift by the FSF Website Support Guild. The USS Aquinas site is supporting an all-new color scheme as well as a fresh layout. The changes were greeted by FSF Starla, Captain of the USS Aquinas, with an, ?I love it!? The UES Columbia received a design makeover. This simulation is currently involved in its Second mission and is very active. The new site contains the archives detailing the previous mission as well as ongoing posts. The Dark Frontier, the sim formerly known as USS Titan, was delivered its first website reflecting the name change. Taking a clue from the spirit of this new sim, the website reflects its darkness. Congratulations to all the sims on the birth of their new and improved websites.

Links: USS Aquinas, UES Columbia and Dark Frontier.