Fire Causes Site Slowness

If you are experiencing some slow access to the FSF website, know that it is due to a fire. Here is the network announcement:

As of approxiately 4:30 PM EDT on May 12th, 2004 Cogent Communications experienced an underground fiber fire in a main corridor of Philadelphia. The fiber is owned by MFN/AboveNet and, due to it”s proximity to the local power company”s (PECO) power grid, there has been a delay in repair. The delay is due to the need to first reroute power thorugh a different grid, and secondly to close the section of the highway the fiber runs under. There is currently no ETA for repair. Although the fiber in question does not directly affect our connection with Cogent, we are affected since the Cogent customers that were directly affected have been re-routed onto our network segment. BurstNET has re-routed much of our traffic over other carriers, but you may still see some minor packet loss and slow speeds temporarily. This is due to many other carriers re-routing as well, and overloading some of the other regional networks/backbones.

We expect by the end of the day, the site will return to normal speed.