FSF Announced SciFi-Fusion.com

The Administration, Fleet Command, and the hosting body are proud to announce FSF”s next innovation, an entire Fantasy & Science Fiction message board community at www.scifi-fusion.com. Rolling out right away are message boards for current SciFi shows such as Andromeda, Battlestar Galactica, Earth: Final Conflict, Firefly, Stargate and several Fantasy shows such as Buffy, Angel, and Charmed.

Born with the idea of bridging the FSF community to the greater science fiction and fantasy community, it was felt the best way to do this was to offer two separate message boards, linked through a database, on two separate domains. While visitors to scifi-fusion.com will only see, read and post to forums within the Fantasy & Science Fiction category, FSF members can continue to see, read and post to the FSF message boards without having to visit two separate domains. FSF Viper, Acer and Ikona all support the idea, “I think it”ll be great.” FSF Starla was a bit more excited, “WOW, that”s great! A great way to interact with more people!”

An advertising campaign is already underway, planned starting the 5th of May. Any questions or comments can be directed to AdmShuni.

FSF IRC Server starts a new Era

April 24th was a great day for IRC. After several months of non-operational status, the FSF IRC server found a new home. Officially, we are now open and active! The new server has a lot to offer in services and utilities. FSF currently has two IRC simulations, The USS Noralus and the USS Outrider. They will be the first scheduled simulations to enjoy the latest improvements and advanced features. The new address for our server is irc.sb254.com, and it is connectable through any IRC client (mIRC, XChat). Many new activities are planned, including more IRC sims, trivia games and much more. Watch for announcements and schedules posted to the boards.

FSF Josh, host of the USS Noralus, was chosen to serve as Server Admin, all comments and questions should be forwarded to him.

More good news, along with the new IRC server, FSF celebrates a change in its java chat software. A new java program is now available for use. This feature will offer simplicity and comfort while participating in a sim or any other chat. Check it out now at the Java Chat Page.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please forward them to either FSF Josh or FSF Tommy. Consider this a formal invite, we hope to see you all using FSF IRC Server and enjoying.

Gamma Fleet Created

Fleet Command is pleased to announce the creation of a fifth fleet for the FSF. Gamma Fleet, headed by FSF Lowell (former Fleet XO of Delta Fleet) will initially contained 5 simulations: RSE Terenyx, USS John C. Stennis, USS Akira, LotR: The Return Of The Shadow and Star Wars: Unifying Force. Fleet Command took these steps to even out the fleets and return each fleet to eight or less games, the group limit. Check out the fleet”s new website or contact FSF Lowell to see if you can help out in any way.

New Sim: Lord of the Rings: Return of the Shadow

The FSF has always been open to new simming concepts, taking on Star Gate, the Matrix, and Buffy: The Vampire Slayer in the past. Now a new sim of a new kind has entered the FSF ranks: Lord of the Rings: Return of the Shadow.

With the popularity of the movies and the wide fan-base, this looks to be a fruitful and active new idea, allowing it”s players to try a different realm of fantasy simming. Rather than keeping with the original story from Tolkien”s famous novels, LOTR:RotS brings a new plotline to the forefront, allowing players to play out major rolls in the story, while paying tribute to the novels it idolizes.

The story behind the sim is similar to that of the literature, but leaves openings for different twists:

In the eighth century of the Second age, the elves forged nineteen rings of power, each beset with a jewel; five were given to the dwarves in their halls of stone, nine were given to human kings, and three were saved for the leaders of the elves. Sauron, the Dark Lord, forged another ring of gold in the fires of Mount Doom, binding it to the others, to control them and their wearers.

The Elves grew wise to Sauron”s trick and hid their rings away. The dwarves proved resistant to Sauron”s power and only the nine kings of man surcumbed to his control. They became shadows of their former selves, the Nazgul, servants of Sauron”s will.

Elves and men banded together in a great war, surging into Mordor and fighting Sauron back until he was killed by Isildur. Isildur kept the ring for himself, but it was lost on his journey home.

Now the ring has found it”s way to another land. In the East, Sauron”s power grows and the eye opens, searching for his beloved possession, for the only way to restore his former power…

The year is 3017 in the third age of Middle Earth.

For more information, visit the sim”s message board/website.

New Simulation: Star Wars: The Unifying Force

The FSF is proud to announce the creation of a new message board simulation called Star Wars: The Unifying Force. This game will be a Star Wars RPG focused entirely on the Jedi Order in the time of the first Galactic Republic in the age of the Sith Wars.

In the path of the light they waged war on the darkness, bringing justice to the Galaxy for millennia upon millennia. The Jedi were few at first, but through generation after generation they grew in number. As the Jedi grew and the generations passed by, so did their power? slowly they began to learn from the vast knowledge that the Force offered those who were gifted with the power to touch its great flow.

It was in the Great Sith War that the Jedi arose as the Guardians of the Galactic Republic and became revered as the saviors of freedom for countless worlds from the brutal forces of the Sith. Star Wars: the Unifying Force begins just prior to the onset of the greatest war of the forces of Light and Dark ever to occur.

Check out the message boards.
Check out the website.

Online Gaming Guild Opens

The Federation Sim Fleet is proud to announce the creation of the Online Gaming Guild. The guild has been created in order to organize online game play with other FSF members. Currently the guild has started the “Bridge Commander” game section. If you own bridge commander, FSF now offers you the chance fight large scale battles against others in the group. For more details, please see the Guild site:

-Robert Bennet,
Online Gaming Guild Director