Welcome RSE Terenyx

The FSF is proud to announce the sim admission of the RSE Terenyx, a Romulan sim based in the current post-Nemesis era. FSF Avatar and FSF Ryan host this great sim in the Omega Fleet.

RSE Terenyx

The RSE Terenyx is commanded by Riov Mandukar i-ch”Rihan tr”Aieme. It is a Norexan Refit Class Warbird whose sole purpose is to introduce the universe to what the forgotten potential of the Romulan Star Empire has to offer. The elite Tal”Shiar have struck fear into the universe by reputation alone, yet now with a crewed vessel to which their expanse may be directed beyond Romulus, the potential is infinite.

Ever wondered what it would be like to play on the other side of the viewscreen against the federation, or other races? The RSE Terenyx awaits those experienced and mature players who seek a simulation environment that is the first the FSF has yet to explore upon.



Rated: PG-13

For more information, visit the sim”s website.

Open Simulations

How many times have you found yourself online with nothing to do? How many times did you say to yourself, or one of your online buddies: “I wish there was a sim going on right now”. Well, now that can all change….

Federation Sim Fleet is proud to announce our newest program, Open Simulations!

Like a traditional Sim, there are two Hosts assigned to it, and they are to be there every week at their scheduled time. Unlike traditional Sims though, you are not required to be there every week. Only when you feel like simming! This is a great way to enjoy low pressure, fun RPGaming! This is also a great place for people new to Simming to learn and hone their craft. Much like impromptu sims, just reularly scheduled!

Every week, at the scheduled time, the Hosts give out Posts to anyone that wishes to play. Then they run their plot, or, just let it flow! The Plot can be in ANY time frame, ANY setting, ANY race! One week you can be on board the USS Enterpise-A, the next, you can be commanding a Romulan Warbird! There is no limit to what you can do. The best part…No more Hosts harping on you for Logs! Just show up, and sim! One more thing…. ALL POSTS ARE OPEN!!!!

The First of these Open Sims open on Wednesday, February 25 at 8pm EST. Hosted by FSF Truce and FSF Phoenix. The Next one will be on Sunday February 29 at 1pm EST, Hosted by FSF Rob and FSF Tommy. The sims will run every week at the same time, and run for about 1 hour. All Open Simulations will run in the AOL/AIM room, Ten Forward. Mark it down on your calendar, and be there! Happy Simming!

(Any FSF Hosts that wish to host an Open Simulation, please contact FSF Truce)

FSF Belle Charity

The FSF hosting body has created a charity for one of their own. FSF Belle lost her home to a fire several days ago and is in need of some help from the FSF. If you choose to donate, you can either use Amazon honor system (use your checking account or credit card), paypal, or the US postal mail service to send a check or money order.

Amazon Honor System

Click Here to Pay Learn More

If you”d like to mail it through the Postal Mail, please drop me an email and I”ll send you the FSF PO box address.

Thank you.

Server Upgrade a Success

The server to which this website and its AMS and forums are located was successfully upgraded last night. However, not all email addresses, subdomains and features may be working as of 8am this morning. We will be working today to complete the setup. Please be patient if your email does not work yet.