FSF Leaves Simming League

The Administration and Fleet Command announced today to the Simming League that it would be severing ties and membership to the online group. Citing several problems, including the merger trials of the late nineties, the trial against Jonathan Shuni a couple years ago and the stagnation and recent downturn in activity in the League, it was decided FSF could no longer contribute to the League of simming groups.

This separation is quite controversial since the FSF currently occupies two key positions in the League: President & Chief Justice. The League recently lost several key members, two founding members and has gone through months of mud-slinging and self-defeating debate. However, it was never an option to just ”up and leave.” Quoting Jonathan Shuni, “If we just left without guidance from the current President, the League would most likely fail. There would be in-fighting and a grab for power with the remaining groups.” Genevieve agreed, “We need to make this a slow move.” It was agreed, with the suggestion of Rob, to give the League two weeks notice, at least. Truce gave the League until February 1st, a full two weeks notice.

The FSF wishes the League the best and hopes it will find its place in the simming community.

Server Data Loss

Please excuse our server problems as we attempt to solve them today. We had a data loss in all of our databases, leading to a complete 24 hour loss of data from 4am EST Monday to 4am EST Tuesday. Anyone that made any changes to their characters, had any character assignments, made any message board posts, or joined the FSF during that time is encouraged to do the same thing again, now. For the most part, we have manually entered in much of the missing accounts and characters. However, message board posts made yesterday need to be assumed LOST.

Thank you and again, we apologize.

Welcome DSF & DSF


On behalf of Fleet Command, it is my pleasure to announce the approval of the merger of the two groups known as Dynamic Simulations Federation. These two groups both petitioned to join the FSF and Fleet Command has approved it.

The following games are in the process of being added to the group and their members into the Account System:
USS Liberty – Wednesdays at 9p EST – 12 members
USS Deliverance – Thursdays at 8p EST – 13 members
Harry Potter: Order of the WandsMessage Board – 25 members
USS Atlantis – Mondays at 8:30pm EST – 15 members
USS Providence – Saturdays at 7pm EST – 12 members

In addition, FSF Ashton & FSF Rob will be appointed to Fleet Command under Omega and Epsilon as Fleet XOs, respectively.

Several of the hosts in the DSFs are former FSF hosts and some are members, so the transition to the FSF will be quick and painless. All in all, FSF will gain over 75 members in this transition, 2 Fleet Command members, 5 simulations, and 7 new hosts. We”re all very excited about this joining and look forward to the opportunities that it will present.

Thank you.

Jonathan Shuni

New Gaming Award: Community Award

The Administration announced today that they will be giving out an award on a monthly basis to the game that has the most posts on their message board(s) assigned to their game. This award will be given in the form of an image that can be placed on the game”s website. It will also be reported in the Weekly Buzz and sent out to the mailing list. Asked why, Jonathan Shuni responded ”We all know the sims use their mailing lists. Some lists have hundreds and hundreds of messages each month. Our goal is to move all OOC community type discussion to the message boards, alleviating the dependency on YahooGroups and by clearing our email boxes of all OOC discussion. It”s a positive step, and I think the hosts will want to have their games highlighted.”

When asked for her opinion, FSF Starla stated that she ”liked it a lot……. some friendly competition…. fun!” Only time will tell how this new award will turn out.