Morpheus Becomes Omega Fleet Commanding Officer

It was announced today that FSF Morpheus, current Fleet XO of Epsilon Fleet, would be promoted to Omega Fleet CO effective immediately. Currently, Joe Ferguson is heading Omega and Epsilon Fleet, a temporary solution until a new Fleet CO could be trained.

“We are all very proud of Martin and know he”ll do just fine in his new position in Omega Fleet.” Jonathan Shuni stated this afternoon. Part of the agreement and promotion includes a transfer of Starbase Adelphi, a sim that Morpheus cohosts. “I am happy for Martin, that he is getting his own command, but I”m sad to lose him.” his current mentor, Joe Ferguson, stated earlier.

Message Board Changes

After a Staff Meeting and feedback from the majority of the hosting body, the Administration made sweeping changes to the message board community. Effective immediately, games may choose whether to have their boards publicly viewable, privately viewable, member-viewable or optional altogether. While this may hide thousands of posts from anyone logging into the boards, it has been a concern of hosts for over a year.

The message board system was systematically updated to the preferences of the hosting body as of this evening. A dozen games were hidden, a dozen games were made publically viewable and a dozen games chose not to utilize a message board. The boards are still an option to any game that wishes to use them, and hosts are now given access to moderate their boards.

For more information, please visit the message boards.

Stargate Division Launches

Today, Jonathan Shuni announced the launch of a Stargate Division:


Fleet Command and the Hosting Team are pleased to announce the launch of the FSF”s first three Stargate games. In addition to the Stargate games, we have launched a new website at This website shares the database and information the old site has, but only includes Stargate-themed information and games. After an overwhelming response to a membership poll last month, we found that over 100 current members would be interested in checking out a Stargate game, and we know by the success of other Stargate groups out there that this gaming universe will be very successful. We expect dozens of people to join the group every month for just our Stargate games. We encourage you to check out the following games, and join up if any of them interest you. Others interested in hosting their own Stargate games or having their Stargate games join the FSF need only contact me privately to begin discussions.

Stargate: SG-5 – Message Board Simulation
SG-5 is a team of highly trained military personnel from all branches of the military designed specifically for long-term operations on hostile worlds for the purpose of intelligence gathering and covert operations such as destroying enemy targets. The team is meant to fight against the Goa”uld where and when needed, independently or as part of a larger effort. SG-5 is equipped with both captured Goa”uld weaponry and the most advanced weapons systems used by the US and Foreign governments.

Stargate SG-10 – Chat Simulation Thursdays at 9p EST
SG-10 is catch all group. A combination of various specialties that could not afford to be placed into 3 other groups after having already formed a team that specializes in each field respectively. The team is therefor a stronger unit able to multitask in areas where conventional SG teams may be jeopardy. The team”s main objective is exploration and first contact. To gather information that may aid the SGC in its fight against the Goa”uld.

Stargate SG-3 – Email Simulation
The Stargate Team SG3 will be a covert military operations team that”s primary mission is inflitration and intelligence gathering. Anything assigned to us will be under clandestine operations and high risk… weigh your options well before requesting duty with our team as everytime SG3 is called upon it may be their last time through the gate.

Thank you, and please let me know what you think of the new website or if you have any ideas to improve the FSF or our new Stargate division.

Jonathan Shuni

Games Off Hiatus

Two games have recently just been returned to active duty: USS Endevour & Epsilon Station. Epsilon Fleet requested both games be returned to active status this weekend.

The USS Endevour, FSF”s oldest simulation coming in at over 8 years old, has changed it premise and is now a simulation taking place in the post-Nemesis timeline, dealing with the repercusions of the short conflict with the Romulans. Epsilon Station is one of the oldest stations in Federation Space. Recently it has been moved to an orbit around an unexplored planet in the Beta Quadrant. The crew”s mission, to explore and map the planet and make a foothold for the federation in this sector.

If you are interested in either of these simulations, as they may have several positions open, either create a character or join the group and then request assignment to one of these games!