POP3 Email Changed

For all members of this website that have email through @sb254.com, please be sure to email AdmShuni your email address and password for the new server.

To get your email from the OLD server, set your POP3 receiving server to oldmail.sb254.com and it will download just as before.

To get your email on the NEW server once you have provided us with your new password, set your POP3 and SMTP to mail.sb254.com and then set your username to simply the name BEFORE the @sb254.com (For example: shuni@sb254.com would be simply shuni

If you have any questions, please contact AdmShuni.

Sim of the Month Poll Moved

After recommendations and urging from the FSF hosting body, the Simulation of the Month poll has been moved from the message board, where anyone that could register an account at any time could vote, to the account system on the FSF website. In this new area, only members logged in and confirmed are allowed to vote in the poll.

It was felt that not only would this new poll position get a fairer voting pool, but it would get greater exposure since it is in a location that every member will see when they log into their account.

On the message board, on average, the poll would receive 45 votes. In this new location, over 55 members have already voted and we”re just now hitting the mid-month mark. The poll didn”t go online until the 5th of this month. With more encouragement and further exposure, it is expected that the poll may get as many as 100 member votes, which is an accomplishment in itself.

Further changes could be expected to make the poll more fair. Members and hosts have asked that previous winners be ineligible for several months from the poll so that other games in competition would have a chance. Games like the Stargazer and John C. Stennis have won several times. It was suggested that only games that utilize their message board be in the list and other have suggested every sim in the group be up each time.

If you have input into this, post your ideas here.