IRC Issues Resolved

Tonight, FSF Orion reported that the issues with the IRC server have been resolved. A little over eight days ago, stopped responding to IRC chat requests. FSF obtains its IRC connection through a 3rd party server maintained and operated by GeniusSystems.

Through communications with the server administrators at, we discovered that due to a recent policy change, several important ports were now being blocked. However, the server company misunderstood our setup as an IRC server and canceled our DNS redirect. With further communications, FSF Orion cleared up the situation and returned to service on October 25th, 2003.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact FSF Orion. If you would like to chat on the server, click here.

Recent Removals

The Personnel Director, FSF Orion, announced this evening of upcoming removals from the group. Anyone that has not confirmed their account within 30 days will be removed by October 25th, 2003. Further removals will occur, but at a slower pace to give people time to reconfirm their accounts.

When a player joins, they need to verify their email address is valid by clicking on a confirm link in their email. If their email is invalid or they simply do not click on the link, their account remains unconfirmed and is eventually removed by the group. An estimated 50 people have unconfirmed accounts in the group over the past six months.

Omega Fleet Changes

The Administration announced earlier today that FSF Hanley, Fleet Commanding Officer of Omega Fleet, has been replaced by FSF JFerguson for the time being. Joe Ferguson currently runs Epsilon Fleet and has a lot of experience running fleets and maintaining order and stability.

FSF Hanley has not been available for comment. FSF Ryan, Omega Fleet”s Executive Officer has been on a Leave of Absence for much of the summer and was unable to take over the Fleet due to time constraints and prior commitments. The change in Omega Fleet has come at a time when the fleet had been reduced from having seven active simulations to having three active simulations.

Calling All Potential Hosts

Have you ever thought about becoming a host in the FSF? Now is your chance! FSF is looking to hire 10 more hosts in the next two months. We plan to launch three new sims and relaunch several on hiatus, plus we have several open hosting positions that are just ready for the dedicated member among you.

Do you have what it takes? It only takes a minute to fill out the form! Take the step, fill out the form!

Do you run your own sim? What about making it an FSF sim?? Has that been an after-thought? FSF gets over 65 applications for membership each and every month and many of these members are looking for new and interesting sims just like yours. If you want to apply for membership for your sim, apply today!