The FSF Welcomes FSF Falk as its Executive Officer

The FSF Welcomes FSF Falk as its executive Officer. FSF Merlin interviewed him and here is the transcript of that interview.

FM What drew you into simming and in what year?

FF Originally, I got into simming in 1996, on the now-defunct Star Wars Sim Group on AOL. I first learned about it when I think I was doing searches for Star Wars stuff on AOL, and stumbled across it. I then joined a group called FSG later that same year. I took a break during college, I think I stopped simming for about 4 years out of the 5 so I could concentrate on my 2 degrees. I resumed simming after graduating and moving to my first job location, and found FSF in 2004, and the rest is history up to this point.

FM Once you became part of the FSF did you ever envision it becoming what it is today?

FF When I joined FSF, I had no initial desire to do anything but be a player. Now, I’m the FSF XO. Never once did I imagine myself being here, or the FSF being what it is right now. There’s been up and downs, but for the most part the group has been constant.

FM Since joining, what are some of your fondest memories with the group?

FF Not a tough one, meeting Margo and marrying her. Can’t get much better than that.

FM Did you ever see yourself as the Executive Officer of the FSF?

FF Not at all. I honestly, originally, never even saw myself as becoming a host again.

FM How do you feel about being the group Executive Officer?

FF I enjoy it quite a bit, it lets me interact with everyone I’ve gotten to know over the years as a host and FCO slightly differently, but all toward the same goal: Making FSF a fun place to be.

FM What do you envision in the near future for the FSF?

FF Lots of fun, I think we have a good group of people leading FSF, and Titan and I are willing to try anything, including thinking outside the box when it comes to new games.

FM Do you have some words for the group as a whole?

FF Everyone: Have fun, simming is about enjoyment of role playing, and creating characters. This is where we all come to relax and enjoy ourselves, and just remember to keep doing that.

The FSF welcomes FSF Titan as its new Commanding Officer

The FSF welcomes FSF Titan as the new FSF CO. Below are some questions that were posed to FSF Titan by FSF Merlin.

FM – What drew you into simming and in what year?

FT – I got into simming in early 1996. I was all of the ripe old age of 13 and we had just gotten AOL and I started going to the community chat room called “The Bridge.” It was there that I was introduced to simming. People would come into the room and say “If you wanna sim then IM ME.” So whatever group got together at that time would go off to another room and sim and then once it was over then they went back about their business. Eventually a core group of us all kept finding ourselves together in these flash sim sessions so we eventually formed our first sim called the USS Venture and that is was eventually grew into my first sim group called the FSFF, Federation Special Forces Fleet.

FM – Once you became part of the FSF did you ever envision it becoming what it is today?

FT – I was young when I started simming and young when I joined the FSF. I met Shuni after he joined one of my games and in 1997 my group, the FSFF merged with the FSF and would eventually turn into the now deceased Psicron Fleet. Upon initial merging with the FSF, Shuni appointed me as one of his XO’s. At this time in FSF’s history the group had multiple XO’s and was not in the Fleet Structure we know today. Being so young I had no thoughts of the possibilities of things two years down the road, let alone 16 years down the road.

FM – Since joining, what are some of your fondest memories with the group?

FT – I have so many fondest memories I don’t think I could pick a favorite one. I have made so many friends here in the FSF and have literally grown up with a handful of people that I have known for the majority of those 16 years that I believe my fondest memories are of the chats I have had over the years. Even through some of the darkest times in my life, my friends here in the FSF have always been by my side to offer help and an ear whenever I have needed it.

FM – Did you ever see yourself as the Commanding Officer of the FSF?

FT – Absolutely not. I have dreamed of having many positions in the FSF but I never expected to ever call myself the Commanding Officer. Not because of lack of interest but simply because I never thought a time would come when Shuni would no longer be the CO of the FSF.

FM – How do you feel about being the group commanding officer?

FT – I have am very honored to have been trusted by Shuni to take on such a fundamentally huge position and to succeed him as the CO after 20 years. I am also thankful for the trust that my peers in Fleet Command gave to me by voting and approving my appointment as CO. I guarantee you it is not a job I take lightly.

FM What are a few of your short term goals for the group?

FT – My short term goals include getting all of our directors and fleet leaders working better together, more open communication and more pushing forward and to hopefully work to get a consistent brand that is Simming.Net uniform across all our games and fleets and work to reach out to fellow sim groups and see what partnerships and joint endeavors we can get going.

FM – Do you have some words for the group as a whole?

FT – I would just like to say that I think now is an energetic time to be part of the FSF and that the members of this group can look forward to the strides that we are going to work on to push through our social networking barrier and do everything we can to open and explore new ways to SIM and enjoy the genre’s and past times that we hold so dear here in this group.

A farewell from Admiral Jonathan Shuni

An interview conducted by FSF Falk as well as presented on FSF Radio 2

JS “Hello, my name is Luke, but you may actually know me better as Jonathan Shuni, or Admiral Shuni for short. I founded the FSF back in 1993 and it’s been a wild ride for the last 20 years. You may or may not know, but I announced my retirement last month. After being the head of FSF for so long and knowing my own personal commitments, I decided to pass the reigns to the next generation of leaders.”

“So I was given a few questions to answer, so let’s get started:”

FF “What drew you into simming originally, back in ’93?”

JS “I came across role playing on BBS’s back in 1992/1993. I joined a channel and read and read and read. I didn’t participate at first, but eventually like most things I do in life… I decided to start something myself and see where it went. The rest is pretty much history, and over the years FSF has adapted to many forms of writing/role-playing & gaming. I have never shied away from a challenge or change, and adaptation and adoption of ideas has been a cornerstone for me.”

FF “Did you ever expect the FSF to become what it has today?”

JS “Yes, I expected it to become what it is today. I think with most entrepreneurs, and in a way I think you could call FSF an entrepreneurial effort, they have an idea in their heads and they work their way until their vision is a reality. Some bumps are expected along the way, people come and go, but in the end the effort and success is what ultimately satiates my drive. This group has done that for me, which is why I feel comfortable leaving it the way I am.”

FF “What are some of your fondest memories with the group?”

JS “The things that stick with me are mainly the people I’ve met and came to call my friends, and also the triumphs and accomplishments we’ve had. I’ve been lucky enough to call people like Ann, Briton, Joe, Starla, Jay, Gabe, Kent, Melissa, Chas & Seth my friends. Those people stick in my head year after year. With accomplishments, I was entirely pleased with initial successes with migrating from FIDOnet to AOL, to obtaining our first multi-bulletin board on AOL’s Non-Affiliated Gaming Forum service, to leaving AOL and really launching the AMS & forum system we have today, to notable group mergers like Alpha Federation Fleet & Spacefleet Online.”

FF “Who has been your biggest inspiration, overall, for the way you wanted to take the group?”

JS “I never really had an inspiration to guide my plan for the group. I saw the plan in my head and I knew that for me, running the group was just as exciting as actually simming. The interactions that I had day-to-day with people inside and outside the group was stimulating and challenging. I portrayed a role to the online world that in a way was a character living in a story that I helped to craft. Even now, people think back on the good-ol-days, and to me, that is just part of a story that I helped co-write.”

FF Did you have a favorite plotline that you can regale for us?

JS “I’ve always had a penchant for medical-based stories. My favorite role was on a ship in the late 90s where I played the Chief Medical Officer. To me, the thrill wasn’t sitting on the bridge in the midst of battle-actions, but in the trenches where people’s lives hung in the balance. I’m a big fan and witty repartee, you really only get that when you’re the center of the social interaction on a starship. In my opinion, that’s Sickbay. My favorite roles usually tended to be part of the Shuni family line, this character was the Admiral’s grandson. The game came and went, but I loved it while I simmed there.”

FF And, the ultimate question: Do you miss simming?

JS “I miss the people. I don’t miss the reading and writing. For some, their creativity leads to a career of writing novels and short stories. To me, it was an expression of my inner desires. I’ve gotten a lot of those things down on pen and paper, and it felt good. However, I miss the creative outlet that simming and running the group brought me, but I’ve changed and matured as I’ve gotten older. Twenty years is a long time, and FSF will always hold a special place in my heart. But all good things come to an end.”

“It’s been a pleasure, folks. Hope all is well and I’ll see you around.”