Summary Winner February 2015 – USS Stargazer (SFOL)

Chapter I. Loomings

The crew of the USS Stargazer returned to space dock only to receive word from Starfleet Command that a massive front was being developed and war had once again settled upon the Alpha Quadrant.

The Romulan Empire broke the ceasefire agreement with the Federation and moved ships into Federation space along the Federation side of the neutral zone. Several Star Bases and depots that had been liberated in the first wave of attacks a year previously were once again seized by the Romulans.

The crew were called back to the front. The Federation once again sent a fleet to neutralize the threat. Recently promoted Captain Montgomery Sayre wanted to stay away from the fight and every night since the war had ended he remembered the cries from the battles that had been fought. He remembered his near death experience, and he remembered what it was like seeing many of the brightest and youngest of Federation personal fall at the hands of an enemy so cruel and vengeful that death was of little consequence.

So the Stargazer went back to the front and her crew feared the outcome. When they arrived, they took up shop behind a moon and along with a few other vessels, including the USS Caduceus, the Stargazer became a supply and support vessel. And the battle began.

Little did the Federation know that between the fighting and ceasefire the Romulan Empire had created a much stronger and improved torpedo, capable of crippling a ship in two hits, and destroying a vessel in three. The battle proved to be crippling for the Federation forces. Ship after ship fell victim to the new weapon. Shortly before its destruction, the Stargazer was able to save the crew of the USS Enterprise. For the Caduceus, things weren’t as lucky. The Hermes was destroyed and the Caduceus was left with systems critical and a Captain shot by Romulans during boarding.

Summary Winner January 2015 – Mass Effect: Paradise Lost

The Asari team digs into the stations computer system, attempting to send a message. “We’ve found more than we expected, we’ll need a bigger ship!” that’s the good news. The encrypted transmission also contains the bad news, “The station is crawling with Cerberus troops” so much for being abandoned. The team manages to bring the internal sensors online to track the Cerberus troops, and discover that there are only about 20 on board… and 6 of them are heading right towards the other half of their team.

Down in the lower levels of the station, the Krogan / Human team had just stumbled into a room full of crates, some of which contained combat mechs. Something that might have helped the previous occupants retain possession of their station, had they been activated. Their search was cut short however as a sniper who’d been hidden in the rafters opened fire. The team dove for cover, and had just started the process of flushing him from his perch when the message came in that 6 more enemy troops we’re headed right for them. That left them very limited time to deal with this new threat. The problem with scoped weapons is that it narrows your field of view, thus leaving the Krogan, Urdnot Chatok a chance to get onto the catwalk. Going into a full charge, the 800 pound Krogan slammed into the Sniper, sending him sprawling down to the floor below, where Patrick was able to easily finish him off. All that was left was to prepare for the incoming enemy team…

Back home, the rest of the team works diligently to bring the new power core online. Working together, they managed to dampen ambient vibrations that the core was causing, discover that the station wouldn’t be able to handle the core at full power, and figured out where to throttle it at, and finally start to power it up. 5%… 10… 15… 20… so far so good.

Summary Winner December 2014 – Star Trek: Eternity

Aboard Hope, Capt. Rick Barlow is felled by Gerrick, the Red King, whose schemes approach fruition as the crew are transferred to the Crimson Knife. A captive Janelle James attempts a psychic distress call to Amelia Moore, who is fighting for her own life aboard Eternity. The Away team are in the neural hub, engaged in vicious conflict with an army of automated tentacles and pikes. LtCdr. Hocevar is struck in the head, her body sent tumbling by a tentacle seemingly under the command of former captain James Maxwell, now an assimilated husk in the command chair. Burried deep within the unimatrices of the Borg consciousness, Colin Byrne, Jim Maxwell, and the Borg King Sion make strategic moves to set the end game in motion.

On the bridge of Eternity battle rages between the away team and the automated defenses, seemingly driven by the machine incorporated James Maxwell. An odd lapse occurs; Logan uses this as oportunity to assimilate Maxwell with Gen 7 nanoprobes. As both men collapse to the deck, Cdr. Vreenak takes control. LtCdr. Hocevar, suffering the effects of a concussion, makes what moves she can to provide Lt. Scott, crewman Rostham, and others with the control surfaces they need to secure the ship. Aboard the Crimson Knife, Anam offers prayer before being taken to interrogation by Gerrick, the Red King. V’ger is silent, as within the ether world of unimatrices and machine consciousness, Colin Byrne, Jim Maxwell, and the Borg King Sion play out final moves of a game Maxwell proclaims to have inevitable result. Unimatrix 4 flies to ruin, freeing Maxwell of Sion’s grasp to welcome death. Colin’s final struggle is threefold; remove “Eternity” from Sion’s grasp for foreseeable time, salvage the lives at risk in decaying unimatirx six, and visit a seering vengeance upon the Mad God King. Yet, the essence of his own life continues to ebb.

Aboard the Crimson Knife, Lt. Farooqi’s cooperation wins quick respite for himself and Janelle James. Shifting to Eternity, acting Capt. Vreenak orders transport of Hope’s crew. Within the recesses of the Borg consciousness, battle plays out between Sion “Xatrix” Logan and Colin Byrne. Outclassed at every turn, Colin has little recourse other than to hold out, watching in dismay as Sion sets Eternity’s tachyon core to overload. His own link to the data conscience proves useful. Colin orders the erasure of the computer core in which Sion’s root file is hidden. Completing the job is Vreenak Omega One, which lays indiscriminate claim to the final life forces of Sion Logan, Colin Byrne, and the entire machine consciousness of V’ger, ravaging it to unthinking darkness. Eternity’s core builds to critical intensity, setting off fleetwide alarms. Gerrick orders the release of Hope, and immediate withdrawal at warp. After approving a freshly treated Marisol to beam to Engineering, Capt. Vreenak orders collision course with V’ger. Once in Engineering, LtCdr. Hocevar enlists the help of Sarah Jamieson and Jim Maxwell to manually eject the tachyon core. As complications arise, both Jim and Sarah lay down their lives in sacrifice, for their shipmates…for their sins. The ejected core explodes, laying cataclysmic waste to the remaining fleets, and sweeping space clear of any evidence of battle. The Dyson sphere survives, it’s surface scrubbed clean of any soil or life. “Eternity” and “Hope” are nowhere to be found.

Six years have passed since the remarkable events that returned USS Eternity, USS Hope, and the crew to the Alpha Quadrant. In that time, Cdr. Owen Scott has won a high level teaching post, the love of his life, and the joys of a young family. The Calmest persona is now freed from within Scott’s mind, and lives an autonomous existence as a well known photonic being. Talla Vreenak has returned to the Ildius system to help oversee the rebirth and growth of the Romulan Empire. Though he quietly shuns the title “Ambassador,” he espouses cooperation and alliance with the Federation as the most surefire means to the Empire’s longevity. Assisting him with this task is his wife of 5 years, Capt. Marisol Vreenak. She has been assigned as Lliason officer, and walks a tightrope to honor both her allegiances, and her husband. For her mission, StarFleet has provided USS Hope.

Hope returns to the Ildius System, to meet first a smuggler who has mended his ways, and then to find surprise in the sudden arrival of a Sabre Class vessel, the Erika Hernandez. Curious, Capt. Vreenak invites her CO to meet after docking, to find another surprise in the form of an old friend, now Commander Owen Scott. Along with her new Yeoman, PO3 Gabriella Adelaide, Marisol and Ambassador Talla Vreenak discuss the nature of Scott’s mission, and the delicate political balance that is the regrowing Romulan Empire. Back on Earth, Rick Barlow concludes the day’s teaching, Soon, he’ll be at home, with wife Amelia and daughter Maddie. Yet now, his eye is drawn to an odd communication from an organization called “The Aegis Group.” Their operative, Henry Okafor, comes fresh from a corporate kidnapping rescue. Now he learns of the missing USS Eternity, and StarFleet’s desire to retain his emplyer’s, and his services. From Listening Post 221, Okafor gathers evidence, and considers the talent he’ll need for the pursuit.

Summary Winner November 2014 – Star Trek: Eternity

The eve of battle finds crisis for new parents Amelia Moore and Rick Barlow. Romance blooms between Crewman Rostham and Dr. Brett Reese, as Cdr. Vreenak and LtCdr Hocevar realize their own needs stifled by duty and urgency. Others, such as Lt. Scott, prepare final messages in vain hope of their eventual receipt.Fleets collide before the timeless backdrop of space. Like chessmen, they move, gambit, risk, and feint all integral parts of the strategies employed. As the principal piece, Eternity herself, is moved onto the board, the “go” order is given for the away team.

Eternity bursts upon the scene, a weapon of such magnificent force to turn the tide of battle. Deep inside her, the away team labors to pinpoint it’s objectives, before containment fields and assault drones rain death upon them. LtCdr. Moore detects a possible escape route, and the team moves to cut the deck grating. Outside, the battle rages. Hope is seriously damaged, causing Capt. Barlow to order a retreat into the mine field. The seriously wounded Charlie Fleet makes a final, Kamikaze style plunge into the midst of their adversaries. Gabriel “Matrix” Logan wields Excalibur to strike at the heart of the beast, in a rending collision with Eternity. The impact is felt throughout the entire Borg Armada….Hope and her people stand in the eye of the hurricane.

The battlefield is becalmed. The away team resumes it’s progress, with some sensory guidance by Hope. Alteregoes drive Owen Scott and Colin Byrne toward courses of action, the consequences of which can only be guessed at. Empathically attuned minds, both aboard Hope and among the away team, begin to sense the subchannel of activity.

Sion awakes. Having deftly thwarted Colin’s attack, he toys with the human, delivering injurious, yet not fatal, blows. The remaining vessels of the fleets are not so fortunate. V’ger erupts in power and purpose, focusing deadly might upon Hope. Finding his vessel halved and dying, Capt. Barlow summons the final weapon in his arsenal. The release of Vreenak Omega I ensures Hope’s final breath to be it’s deadliest. In response, The Borg King retreats to his throne, uploading himself into the group consciousness before ordering the wholesale slaughter of half his minions in preparation for the final engagement. Aboard Eternity, the away team are ferociously attacked by wave after wave of homicidal drones, an assault broken only by the arrival of Cdr. Logan and his surviving crewmembers. A wounded Colin Byrne, having destroyed Sion’s abandoned body, undertakes pursuit of the Borg King, a journey he knows from which there is no return.

Now released from corporeal life, Colin Byrne finds himself in the machine consciousness of the Borg. He hunts for Sion, all the while shutting down armed response and attempting to end Borg on Borg slaughter. Aboard Eternity, the away team fights it’s way out of the turbolift shaft. Marisol takes a leg wound, something she’s unaware of until noticed by Dr. Reese. Former shipmates, now assimilated, come to the attack as Logan tends to fend them off, aided by the unseen hand of Colin. Brett Reese and crewman Rostham fight for each other, as Lt. Scott moves the team to the primary objective. Aboard Hope, all is silent, until Gerrick, the scheming Red King, transports onto the bridge.

Summary winner for October 2014 – USS Phoenix

As the USS Phoenix falls apart around the crew from the Gorn attack Captain Merlin and Counselor T’sai transport 30 or so refugees on a now stolen Gorn freighter and head to Starbase 35 with Chief of Science Saint-Clair in close proximity in her fighter keeping a close watch on the situation; thwarting any and all enemy aggressors.

A notification had been sent to Starbase 35 that the USS Phoenix was heading for base in bad shape for repairs and to deliver the refugees to a new life along with asylum if they so wish.

The Starbase had responded to the Phoenix as it continued to fall apart that they were making preparations to receive them. Within a couple of days to everyone’s surprise The USS Piedmont, a floating dry-dock arrived on site and within hours a un-named ship had arrived with Commodore Windsor and minimal crew on board to deliver what is to become the USS Phoenix-B once again.

The Captain beamed over to the Phoenix and Ensign Johnson transported to the Freighter to take over piloting duties.

It was not long till the Old Phoenix and the Freighter collided knocking yet another nacelle off of her superstructure making her virtually dead in space. On the freighter Johnson was knocked unconscious in the collision.

Soon after the collision Master Sergeant Mitchell boarded the now off course freighter with the cockpit filling with smoke. After some work, he was able to get the situation under control and they continued their voyage to the Starbase.

Teams continued to work to the The USS Phoenix when the word was given to abandon her and transported over to the new USS Phoenix-B where they would find a brand new ship with some very unique modifications and improvements. All of which were engineering marvels in their own sense.

Retired Captain Williams was taking time to show Chief Engineer Darnell some of these modifications and informing her that not all of them had been completed before they departed to rescue the crew.

Meanwhile Admiral Esrom was meeting with the Captain, turning over the ship to him and transferring control codes over.

The Piedmont went to work unfolding its docking arms and latching on to the Old Phoenix.

As the last of the crew beamed over to the new ship, Saint-Clair was the last to exit the ship. Upon her exit she took time to pull the commissioning plaque and present it to the Captain as he sat on the bridge.

The temporary crew continued to pilot the ship when the Executive Officer came in and requested leave for a unstated personnel reason. The leave was granted.

The Piedmont parked away from the Starbase upon arrival and waited for further orders as the rest of the rag tag convoy finally docked. Crews went to work to help the refugees and to finish all the new modifications to the New Phoenix.

What will be the Phoenix’s next mission?
What are the other modifications to be done to her?

Come Join the USS Phoenix as she gets re-commissioned and continues her galaxy wide adventure.

Summary winner for September 2014 – Star Fleet: Eternity

After attempting to halt the progress of the Kazon, Anam is overtaken by them, before the door to the ready room is cut. Within, Amelia Moore suffers contractions of childbirth, hoping that a security field shall stop the invaders. On the surface, Logan discusses the capabilities of generation 7 nanoprobes, exposing concepts that give the visibly impaired Talla Vrenak and the unaffected Marisol Hocevar cause for more questions. In the scout vessel Ja’Narr, Colin Byrne, having devolved and freed himself of the borg skeletal structure, ponders his surroundings, and his last living companion.

Ens. Farooqi makes a final attempt to protect LtCdr. Moore from the invading Kazon, until Gwren, the Voth, shows his true colors and orders her taken to his lab at once. Several teams of Kazon are dispersed to hunt down and capture Hope’s human crew. Their orders regarding the Hirogen are simply “Kill on sight.” On the surface, Cdr. Vreenak is overcome with hallucinations. Cdr. Logan attempts to persuade him that he is, in fact, dying, a prognosis challenged by LtCdr. Hocevar as she attempts to set up a blood test in the field. Somewhere in the vicinity is Lt. Scott, physically devolved, yet possessed of a keen, unfettered intellect to match his predatory stance. He prepares a weapon, and closes in stealthily.

Aboard Hope, Janelle James uses powers of another era to target the Kazon. Ens. Nazir gets a distress call out, before she’s eventually overtaken by the invaders and sent to the ready room to support LtCdr. Moore’s childbirth. Ens. Farooqi now stares at the lethal end of a weapon held by the Voth, Gwren, as he injects a cruel cocktail into Lt. Ambrose. Capt. Rick Barlow has a tense meeting with Jetan Remsen, with a curious result. On the surface, battle met as the devolved Owen Scott attacks the away team. Logan overpowers and “assimilates” him, a process both spiritual and evolutionary for the revived Lt. A hasty transfusion of LtCdr Hocevar’s blood to the dying Talla Vreenak may well prove lethal for Marisol. Revived, Vreenak concurs with Logan’s plan to beam aboard Hope with Lt. Scott, a plan undertaken with force. Aboard the Scout Vessel Janarr, Colin Byrne awakens to find himself restored, yet haunted by a dream as he enlists the aid of an old friend.

A devolved Brett Reese hunts for food, before forcing herself into the crew mess. In a final, heroic effort, Lt. Harold Ambrose attacks Gwren, to find himself dying from a severe knife wound to the back. Jal Korta and his men continue a path of murder through the ship, now indiscriminately targetting Hope’s human population. Janelle James is their next target. Transporter trickery collects Logan, Scott, Farooqi, Moore, Nazir, Vreenak, and Hocevar in the SEC office, with an added bonus of the Voth leader, Gwren. Logan conducts a harsh interrogation as Amelia Moore cries out in pain of her labor. As Marisol Hocevar lays dying of blood loss and fever, an unlikely army rallies to her support with an unorthodox tactic.

Summary for August 2014 – Starbase 35

Starbase 35 is anything but your typical startbase. This is where those that have been deemed to difficult have been sent. In the more recent past, things are not what they seem to be at all on the station. George Williams, the irascible barkeep, has yet another secret. It would seem that he is Commander JoAnne Ross’ father. In some strange way that has yet to become clear, he is there to over see what happens to Ross and Merlin and the rest of the souls on the station.

And just when things seemed it couldn’t get any worse, A ship appears.. one that is not in their current database… And Ross starts firing on the vessel without provocation. Lt Zoe Windsor takes action and stops the attack and sends Ross to the brig.

Meanwhile, the Independence and her crew are trying to stay alive. A Marine Fighter flying escort to the ‘Indy’, makes a landing on the station and the marine, one James Statham, starts to make his way to the command center to stop the attack and save his ship.

Amid all this confusion, Merlin struggles to keep the crew from going completely off their hinges. Zoe is still too confused about some recent revelations to have any care of what happens to Ross, as long as the Commander is kept far away from her. She just wants to do the job she’s been trained for.

A meeting has been called to discuss just what to do about Ross. Into this comes a mysterious woman who claims to have the solution. The evidence they seek is hidden in Admiral Barrett’s possessions on the Indy. Once that is found, the hooded woman claims that life will return back to normal.

February 2014 Community Awards

Congratulations to the following winners of the February 2014 Community Awards, our first monthly awards of the year!

Sim of the Month (for March 2014): Torchwood: United Front
Community Award: USS Ghost Rider
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (for January 2014): Star Trek Eternity

Excerpt from the Summary:

Escorted by Thelon DeKinder, Amelia Moore exits the Elven kingdom of Fi. Once her crashed shuttle, still cloaked in the guise of a dead wyvern, is discovered, the pair settle in for the night with a fire and game to roast. The fire’s light draws in Cdr. Vreenak and his away team, who find themselves challenged by DeKinder. Conversation begins, and peace is the mutual objective. Aboard Hope, Cdr. Byrne has a counseling session with Janelle James. Upon returning to the bridge, they find the ship ringed by a massive army. Their king, Calmest, issues a greeting and a wish for peaceable interaction. Byrne and James follow Capt. Barlow onto the field to meet with the king and his men.

Negotiations are begun on two fronts. Before Hope’s fierce countenance, King Calmest presents a serene image to Capt. Rick Barlow, as Janelle James and Colin Byrne look on. In the depth of the wood, Anam Farooqi, Gabriel Logan, Talla Vreenak, and Marisol Hocevar join with Thelon DeKinder and Amelia Moore. In the fire’s glow, the conversation quickly moves to the next phase of their journey, crossing the Blighted grounds to locate the mysterious Source.

On the plain, Calmest asserts his power, agreeing to meet with the Dragon in the company of Cns. James. Capt. Barlow is to remain behind, hostage, to assure the king’s safe return. A nervous archer sets off a domino effect, sending the Reptilian Colin fleeing for his life. He travels a great distance to evade the army’s pursuit, before hunkering down for the night. In the wood, the meting by the fire takes a new sense, as the away team’s guide, a dwarf known as “Hammer,” rudely presents himself.

USS Stargazer (SFOL) – Summary of The Month October 2013

The USS Stargazer, having made it to Baku, gets help in the form of supplies from the Ba’ku people to help repair their ship after the severe damage inflicted by the Cardassian attack in the middle of the Briar Patch. While Engineering worked hard to get the ship back operational as soon as possible, an AT went to the planet to investigate for a cure to the deadly disease spreading across the quadrant. Medical and Science determined that the radiation that occurs naturally because of Baku’s location within the Briar Patch was inhibiting the spread of the disease on the planet, as well as contributing to the ability for the native populace to fight off the disease. Now the next step was to figure out a cure based on that knowledge.

Meanwhile, Security tracked down a lead about the possible visits of Romulans to Baku, not long before the Stargazer arrived. The knowledge that the Empire had been there also searching for a cure, before any reported outbreaks in Romulan space was quite a question maker. Armed with a fixed ship and new knowledge, the crew left Baku, heading out of the Briar Patch to meet up with another Federation ship to take aboard an Admiral for an update.

On their way, as they neared the edge of the Briar Patch, they received a distress call from another federation ship. Changing course to intercept, they arrived at a lone planet, where the signal was coming from. An AT was sent down to investigate, where they discovered an object that referred to itself as “The Guardian”.

Tempting fate, the AT traveled through the Guardian of Forever and found themselves five years in the future. All had been promoted in rank, and Captain Margo Rock was no longer in command of the ship, Commander Sayre was now Captain, with the former Dr. Gretin as the Executive Officer.

The crew had little time to adjust to the changes, as they arrived at Earth and quickly found themselves under surprise attack from the Romulans, who uncloaked suddenly. Unleashing a merciless attack against both the ‘Gazer and San Francisco, the crew suddenly found themselves abandoning ship as the ‘Gazer’s systems started to fail. In the nick of time, several of the crew were transported suddenly off the ship and into the middle of Siberia…thanks to the former Captain Rock.

Margo, who was now as civilian, had joined with an mercenary group to further her mission of stopping the virus, even with being in Star Fleet. She’d seen the ship in trouble and saved who she could before the ship exploded. After being brought up to speed on the situation, the group armored up and made a plan to get to San Francisco to repel the Romulan invasion.

USS Aquinas – Summary of The Month September 2013

When we last left the crew of the Aquinas they were sitting in space with Taskforce Delta licking out wounds from the previous battle. With repairs and the injured almost completely taken care of Lieutenant Daniel was ordered by Colonel Connell to prep a team to board an inbound ship that the crew hasn’t been informed about at large. The last of the injured are being treated in sickbay and repair is 98% complete.

All the members of the Away Team (Everyone except the CO and XO) will be arriving in the Shuttle Bay preparing to board an Arrow Class runabout that has been refitted for Marine Boarding and Landing Operations. The team will be briefed by the Colonel once everyone has arrived there.

Having successfully boarded the unidentified Defiant Class starship, the members of the away team separated to cover more ground. As the engineering group arrived in Main Engineering they quickly found a door that had been sealed with no apparent way to enter the room. At the same time, another team entered the bridge and began looking around. As Daniels began downloading the ship’s log, he ordered Ensign Pilot to return the ship to normal condition as the ship was at red alert when they arrived. As the ship’s lighting returned to normal the sealed door in Engineering unsealed.

As Daniel set the self destruct for 5 minutes and activated it, the Borg were reported in Engineering. With most everyone running to Engineering to save Amun, a couple people ran to the runabout and started preparing for takeoff. With just a minute or so remaining, the rest of the away team boarded the runabout and took off, heading back to the Aquinas. Borg had jumped onto the runabout as it was leaving and interceptors launched from Aquinas, shooting the Borg off the runabout. After successfully clearing the Borg, the Defiant Class Ship, detonated and exploded. The away team on the runabout, arrived back at the Aquinas and parked, where the Captain and the Colonel were awaiting them.