USS Independence Celebrates 10 Years

The USS Independence (originally formed as the USS Cartier) will be celebrating 10 years in the FSF at the end of June, so they’re throwing a little party with a special 2 hour sim on Sunday, June 28th from 8:00 – 10:00PM EST. The first hour will feature stories and a little trivia, and the second hour will feature a climactic end to Indy’s current plot. Former Indy crew members are encouraged to attend, but all are welcome!

Congratulations to the October 2014 Community winners

Congratulations to the winners for October 2014 Community awards.

Sim of the Month: Starbase 35 – Alpha Fleet
Community Activity Award: X-Men: Frontlines – Epsilon Fleet
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (From October 2014) USS Phoenix – Alpha Fleet

Excerpt from the summary:
As the USS Phoenix falls apart around the crew from the Gorn attack Captain Merlin and Counselor T’sai transport 30 or so refugees on a now stolen Gorn freighter and head to Starbase 35 with Chief of Science Saint-Clair in close proximity in her fighter keeping a close watch on the situation; thwarting any and all enemy aggressors.

To read full summary: USS Phoenix

Congratulations to the October 2014 Community winners

Congratulations to the winners for October 2014 Community awards.

Sim of the Month: USS Akira
Community Award: Star Trek: Eternity
Fleet Activity Award: Space Fleet Online
Summary Award (From September 2014) Star Trek: Eternity

Excerpt from the summary:
After attempting to halt the progress of the Kazon, Anam is overtaken by them, before the door to the ready room is cut. Within, Amelia Moore suffers contractions of childbirth, hoping that a security field shall stop the invaders. On the surface, Logan discusses the capabilities of generation 7 nanoprobes, exposing concepts that give the visibly impaired Talla Vrenak and the unaffected Marisol Hocevar cause for more questions. In the scout vessel Ja’Narr, Colin Byrne, having devolved and freed himself of the borg skeletal structure, ponders his surroundings, and his last living companion.

To read full summary: Star Trek: Eternity

Shuni Awards – October 4, 2014

The Shuni Awards will be held on October 4th, 2014 beginning at 7:30 PM EST, with a short “cocktail half-hour” beginning at 7:00. Please come out and show your support for your fellow members and their respective simulations. Category nominations are ongoing, please remember to nominate your fellow members and simulations for categories once they are posted.

New Sim, X-Men: Frontlines, Launching September 25

The FSF is proud to announce the launch of our newest game, X-Men: Frontlines, on September 25, 2014!

Imagine yourself in the middle of an ongoing conflict between Mutants and Humans, with tensions running high. On one side, the Cerebro enhanced Artificial Intelligence known as Maximus searches for a leader. On the other, many unknown threats to the uneasy peace between Mutants and Humans.

If you are a fan of X-Men, then choose a side, and come join FSF’s newest game, X-Men: Frontlines, which will be launching on September 25th as a PBEM game in FSF’s Epsilon Fleet. If you are interested, contact FSF Sovereign on AIM or through email and check out their website at

March 2014 Community Awards

Congratulations to the following winners of the March 2014 Community Awards!

Sim of the Month (for April 2014): USS Atlantis
Community Award: USS Firewall
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award (for February 2014): USS Phoenix

Excerpt from the Summary:

The USS Phoenix is in a perilous situation. . . Again.

Just after establishing orbit around a Class G Planet for investigation as to its viablity for terraforming, it was reported the long range sensors were picking up incoming ships yet to be identified. In short order, all chaos broke loose on the ship.

The main computer core and auxiliary core started not responding to commands as entered. Communications started to fail along with engines and almost every other critical system on the ship. The ships orbit started to decay because of the planets gravitational pull, now with the ship in a bow down attitude.

Just before the Blue Screen of death was displayed on the main viewer, it was noted that the world was getting bigger in the window.

As the approaching ships got closer, they were identified as Gorn before the long range and short range sensor systems went down.

As the mayhem ensued a rapid transport arrived depositing a new crew member on the ship. A new security officer. Being the Phoenix was short a chief medical officer, the ship’s counselor took on the duties of administering the inbound physical and evaluation only to be interrupted by intruder alerts.

Now with no gravity and things floating about, the captain took it in stride and started issuing orders to all the departments as he hung around the center seat, literally. All of a sudden a new chief medical officer appeared on the ship and at the Captain’s chair.

After introductions, the Chief Science Officer and Helmsman went to work on on fixing the computer cores as the Captain suited up and headed out into the ship to assist with eradicating it of their unwanted visitors.

Will the Crew of the USS Phoenix survive the onslaught of Gorn? What are the Gorn after? Or will the Phoenix kill her crew and visitors?

Epsilon selects Torchwood: United Front – Summary Nomination January 2014

Epsilon Fleet has nominated Torchwood: United Front for summary of the month for the January 2014 summary award.

The city of Chicago, a bustling home to many. A busy workday, with many commuters. An explosion, rocking downtown and sending people running.

Everyone thought it was a terrorist attack. All of the signs pointed to it being a car bombing. But as Detective Jon Smith was putting together the pieces, he would come to realize that there was much more to what had happened.

With evidence slowly coming together, UNIT swooped in and took over the investigation. Clues from it and from the suspect’s body lead Jon on a chase to uncover Torchwood. UNIT is hot on his trail, and for reasons unknown, UNIT has done all it can to wipe out Torchwood and bury all extraterrestrial information.

Now, Jon Smith must take charge and help what’s left of Torchwood to rise up and uncover the truth behind UNIT’s actions. The safety of the human race depends on it.

Epsilon Fleet news – February 2014

Don’t forget to stop by the Epsilon Forums and make nominations for the upcoming FSF Fleet Awards that will be held on February 28, 2014 on the FSF IRC Network on the #FSF channel. The ceremony starts at 9PM ET and there will be a happy hour starting at approximately 8PM ET.

Torchwood is re-launching with FSF Josh at the helm.

“We congratulate FSF Josh for the work he has done over the past few months to get Torchwood: United Front up and running again with some new faces, who we are sure will help make the game fantastic. We wish Josh and the crew of the revamped Torchwood the very best as they start their first plot.”

USS Atlantis Launches new website. Stop by and take a look.

Summary of the month candidate for December – USS Atlantis
The USS Atlantis and her crew have been preparing for the big day, “The Wedding” Between Marine Captain Lazarus Long and Chief Science Officer Lieutenant Junior Grade Janice Lacey.

However, prior to that the crew had been being nursed back to health from their exploits aboard DS9. Just in time to attend the ceremony and do it all over again.

Meanwhile on the bridge, Captain Merlin and the Chief Helmsman were having a quiet conversation amongst themselves. In between the reports coming in from the departments new orders had arrived form Admiral R. Rathbone of SFHQ.

Excusing himself, Merlin went to the Ready Room to review the latest directive for the ship.

Elsewhere on the ship Lazarus was getting into his dress uniform feeling the butterflies build and consume him as the hour approached.

The Belmont’s were in their quarters as well preparing for the nuptials, although they seemed to have other marital things on their minds as they teased each other over the shower arrangements.

Janice had been patiently waiting for her new to be mother-in-law to join her and assist in her own preparations.

Come Join the USS Atlantis and her crew on a new mission and new adventure for a new year.

Congratulations to the September 2013 Community winners

Congratulations to the following winners of the September 2013 community awards!

Sim of the Month (for October 2013): USS Akira

Community Award: USS Ghost Rider
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet
Summary Award: (for August 2013) USS Stargazer (SFOL}

Excerpt from the Summary:
The Stargazer, under the new command of Captain Rock and Commander Sayre, left earth and made their way to the Valo colonies near the Cardassian border in hopes of tracking down patient zero of the GMD outbreak.

To read the full summary USS Stargazer (SFOL)

The FSF Welcomes FSF Titan as its new Commanding Officer

The FSF welcomes FSF Titan as the new FSF CO. Below are some questions that were posed to FSF Titan by FSF Merlin.

FM – What drew you into simming and in what year?

FT – I got into simming in early 1996. I was all of the ripe old age of 13 and we had just gotten AOL and I started going to the community chat room called “The Bridge.” It was there that I was introduced to simming. People would come into the room and say “If you wanna sim then IM ME.” So whatever group got together at that time would go off to another room and sim and then once it was over then they went back about their business. Eventually a core group of us all kept finding ourselves together in these flash sim sessions so we eventually formed our first sim called the USS Venture and that is was eventually grew into my first sim group called the FSFF, Federation Special Forces Fleet.

Full interview can be read here. FSF Welcomes FSF Titan as its new Commnanding Officer