TNG Season 7 ”Borg Megacube

Paramount Pictures this week revealed plans to release a DVD box set containing every single episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Called the “Borg Megacube”, the box set will include all seven seasons of TNG across 48 discs, thus collecting all the individual DVD sets into one package, DVD Answers reported. As the name implies, the set comes in the form of a Borg cube.

The Borg Megacube is currently scheduled to hit stores in Region 2 (Europe) on November 3, 2003. It is not known whether a Region 1 (North America) version will also be released, but only 1000 copies will be on sale worldwide.

In addition to all 176 episodes of The Next Generation, the package also comes with a limited edition collector”s card and a clock featuring the Enterprise-D and a Borg ship.

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Enterprise Name Change

As of tomorrow, Enterprise will officially become Star Trek: Enterprise.

In a memo sent today from UPN to its affiliates via its general manager and sales manager, Diane Kuri, Director of Communications and Operations, wrote, “We are pleased to announce that beginning Wednesday, Sept. 24, 2003, the official title for ”Enterprise” will become ”Star Trek: Enterprise.””

“By formally changing the show”s title, we will be able to further capitalize on and form a stronger connection to the famous and highly successful ”Star Trek” franchise,” the memo added.

As previously reported, UPN had already changed the show”s name for marketing and publicity purposes.

The note did not state whether the show”s credits would be changed to reflect the change in title. still lists the show as just Enterprise. However, a screen capture from an advance tape of the show reflects the change.

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Things That Never Happen in Star Trek

? The crew of the Enterprise are struck by a strange alien plague, for which the cure is found in the well-stocked sick-bay.
? A power surge on the Bridge fails to electrocute the user of a computer panel, due to a highly sophisticated 24th century surge protection feature called a ”fuse”.
? The Enterprise is involved in a bizarre time-warp phenomenon, which is in no way connected with the 20th century.
? A major Starfleet emergency breaks out near the Enterprise, and some other ships in the area are able to deal with it to everyone”s satisfaction.
? The Enterprise visits the Klingon Home World on a bright, sunny day
? An unknown ensign beams down as part of an away team and lives to tell the tale.
? The Captain has to make a difficult decision about a less advanced people which is made a great deal easier by the Starfleet Prime Directive.
? A major character spends the entire episode in the Holodeck without a single malfunction trapping him/her there.

UPN Airs First Season Three Footage

UPN last night debuted a new Enterprise promo showing the first scenes from the show”s third season.

Entitled “Captain”s Log”, the 30-second trailer is framed as a log entry by Captain Jonathan Archer in Enterprise”s new briefing room, which has the luxury of chairs compared to the old mustering area on the bridge.

As Archer relates the events that led up to the NX-01”s mission into the Delphic Expanse, various images of the Xindi, the new military officers (MACOs) and the Expanse itself appear on screen. At the end, the promo refers to the series as Star Trek Enterprise.

The 5.7 MB MPEG file can be downloaded from Mr. Vidiot.

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Strength and Sex To Bolster ”Enterprise”

Captain Archer will be “stronger” and T”Pol will “let loose a little bit,” promised UPN”s new president, Dawn Ostroff, of next season”s Enterprise.

In an Associated Press article picked up by ABC News, Ostroff stressed UPN”s efforts to carve out its own identity aimed at 18-to-34-year-olds “that is bold, adventurous and fun.”

“I would like people to have a distinct opinion of what UPN is, where our identity is clearly defined,” stated Ostroff, emphasizing not UPN”s niche audiences – African-American comedies, wrestling, and genre series – but their common ground among black and white viewers and the network”s efforts to appeal across demographic lines.

Ostroff is confident that ratings will continue to rebound for the WWE, and though she called Enterprise a disappointment last season, she promised that many changes were on the way.

For more information about UPN”s fall schedule and quotes by industry analysts on the likely doom of the network should its ratings not improve, see the complete AP article at ABC.

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