USS Independence Celebrates 10 Years

The USS Independence (originally formed as the USS Cartier) will be celebrating 10 years in the FSF at the end of June, so they’re throwing a little party with a special 2 hour sim on Sunday, June 28th from 8:00 – 10:00PM EST. The first hour will feature stories and a little trivia, and the second hour will feature a climactic end to Indy’s current plot. Former Indy crew members are encouraged to attend, but all are welcome!

New Sim, X-Men: Frontlines, Launching September 25

The FSF is proud to announce the launch of our newest game, X-Men: Frontlines, on September 25, 2014!

Imagine yourself in the middle of an ongoing conflict between Mutants and Humans, with tensions running high. On one side, the Cerebro enhanced Artificial Intelligence known as Maximus searches for a leader. On the other, many unknown threats to the uneasy peace between Mutants and Humans.

If you are a fan of X-Men, then choose a side, and come join FSF’s newest game, X-Men: Frontlines, which will be launching on September 25th as a PBEM game in FSF’s Epsilon Fleet. If you are interested, contact FSF Sovereign on AIM or through email and check out their website at

2014 SciWorld Online Convention

It’s that time of year again! The 2014 SciWorld Online Convention (SWOC) is taking place this week. Join members from across the role-playing community as we get together for three days of chats, games, and webinars. Whether you run a game or are just a writer, you’ll likely find something of interest in this year’s SciWorld event.

This year’s events are taking place Thursday, May 1 through Saturday, May 3. That’s this week! Check out the schedule at to see what events are happening when.

If interested in hosting an event, go to this page and follow the directions to reserve a particular time slot. Those in Hawaii, New Zealand, or other time zones in that region are welcome to host an event better suited to your local time. This year’s SciWorld will hopefully cover the most time zones it ever has.

We hope to see you all with us at SciWorld 2014!

New Sim: Star Wars: Shadow Squadron

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, a Galactic Empire tried to keep a tight hold on an entire galaxy. Wanting to be free from the tyrannical rule, a Rebellion rose up against this Empire, leading to a civil war. Only the bravest would stand against such a might as this Galactic Empire.

The Federation Sim Fleet’s newest sim, Star Wars: Shadow Squadron, puts you in the early days of this galactic civil war. Join Shadow Squadron, a special ops group of soldiers that excel at a variety of different theaters of operation. Flying various fighter craft, they are essential to the Rebellion that hopes to restore peace and democracy to the galaxy.

Star Wars: Shadow Squadron is in Space Fleet and is a forum-based simulation. If you’re interested in this new sim, check out their website or contact game hosts FSF Who or FSF Falk.

Battlestar Galactica: Though Destruction, Perseverance

Two thousand years have passed since the last of the colonist arrived on Earth. In the process of accustoming themselves to the planet, they destroyed the remains of the original Battlestar Galactica and hid the truth of their identity from their ancestors.

However, not all evidence of their existence was whipped out. Journals, ship plans, histories, and philosophies were left behind, hidden in a collection of literature hidden under the Sphinx.

The United States Government decides to construct a new battlestar, named Galactica, in the hopes of exploring the vastness of the universe through the technology of jump drives.

However, shortly after the completion of the new Battlestar Galactica, the Cylons attack Earth in order to whip out the final descendants of the colonist. The Battlestar Galactica escapes the invasion with a full crew and a few civilians taken from Earth shortly before its inhalation. Led by Major Michael Baltar, the Battlestar Galactica jumps away just in the nick of time. As they are pursued, Baltar decides to risk the rest of humanity and return the descendants of the colonist back to the Twelve Colonies of Kobol.

If you wish to join contact Ro Kii or FSF Myth

May 2013 Community Awards

Congratulations to the following winners of the May 2013 community awards!

Sim of the Month (for June 2013): USS Stargazer (SFOL)
Community Award: USS Ghost Rider
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet

USS Aquinas to Relaunch March 4th

The year is 2415, and the galaxy is in a state of turmoil. After 6 years of constant fighting, and no sign of victory on any side, the Romulans, Klingons, and the Federation signed a cease fire reigniting the hope for peace. With the Federation suffering heavy losses in the war, the Federation Council decided that a new group was needed in order to protect the Federation. This new group’s sole purpose would be to take on missions deemed too dangerous for other Federation Commanders or missions that required a sensitive touch. This group would become known as the Federation Joint Special Operations Command.

In response to the new group, Starfleet ordered that 35 ships be constructed and crewed in order to fulfill their obligations to the Federation. The first ship to be completed in the order was the USS Aquinas, an Odyssey class starship; equipped with experimental technology, the ship was designed to serve as a vessel of peace while maintaining the ability to wage war should the need arise.

Join FSF Cassiopeia and FSF Ward as they take the USS Aquinas out of Space Dock and Launch into a new Era.
Sim Time: 9 pm to 10 pm (EST) in AIM Chat Room “USS Aquinas” On Monday Evenings.

For more information, visit the Aquinas website.

SLA, FSF Member Passes

Sad news in the simming world. A member of the SLA who had joined the FSF briefly last year has passed away. Jeff Rist, known by many as Kerrigan Morgan, passed away on Tuesday, December 11, 2012. He was an active member of the Starfleet Legacy Alliance. Joining in 2008, he ended up becoming a member of at least six SLA simulations. He also served as the SLA’s Recruiting Chair for two years and was an active part of their Council.

In the spring of 2011, Jeff joined the FSF and became a member of the USS Providence. His passion for simming lead him to becoming a welcome member to the sim, though his stay was short. He also joined Stargate Command for a brief time before requesting an LOA due to real life obligations.

SLA’s Council Moderator, Tavey, gave some remarks regarding Jeff.

“He loved all kinds of simming, which is what made him such a networker and friends with so many people.”

Several members of the SLA have expressed their feelings on their message boards. His affect on their members no doubt echoes the impact he made on those he has simmed with during his life.

Upcoming Event: First Person Fortnight, Hosted by Ongoing Worlds

Most of the writing done in simming and role-playing is in third person. But, for two weeks, we’re being encouraged to do it differently!

Ongoing Worlds is hosting a competition from July 8-22 focused exclusively on writing in the first person. During this two week event, writers and role-players will be encouraged to write a story from a first person perspective. This is the perfect opportunity to get inside the head of a character, to see the events around that person from a new point of view.

Writing submissions must be made to Ongoing Worlds by July 22nd to be considered for the competition. A panel of judges will review each entry and choose a winner, who will receive a limited edition coffee mug commissioned exclusively for First Person Fortnight.

For more information on how to participate, check out Ongoing Worlds’ post announcing the First Person Fortnight competition and the details of the competition here. You can also follow the event on Facebook.

New Sim: USS Ghost Rider

The year is 2395 and the galaxy is in chaos. For years, Starfleet has been aware of at least two universes; the prime universe, and the so called “Mirror Universe,” discovered by Captain James T. Kirk and the original U.S.S Enterprise in 2267. Now, the barrier separating the two universes has been destroyed and ships from the so called “Terran Empire” have taken over much of the Federation. What remains of Starfleet has been forced beyond Klingon space, and the Federation has formed an alliance with the Klingon Empire.

Amid the chaos, a ship, known as the USS Ghost Rider was discovered, which had been hidden away because of the technology it possesses. That ship, and its technology may be Starfleet and the Federation’s best hope for survival against the Terran Empire and its invasion fleet. With Fleet Commander Jonathan “Dragon” Abaddon at the helm and a team of engineers, tactical officers and marines the Ghost Rider has been attempting to turn the tide in the war against the Terran Empire, and they need YOU to join the fight!

The Ghost Rider, which was formed as a guild sim, has recently been made a MB game in FSF’s Alpha Fleet. It is led by two of FSF’s newest hosts, FSF Dragon & FSF Lynx who can be reached at and for more information. You can also check out their website. Check out the FSF’s newest, and one of its more unique games!