USS Independence Celebrates 10 Years

The USS Independence (originally formed as the USS Cartier) will be celebrating 10 years in the FSF at the end of June, so they’re throwing a little party with a special 2 hour sim on Sunday, June 28th from 8:00 – 10:00PM EST. The first hour will feature stories and a little trivia, and the second hour will feature a climactic end to Indy’s current plot. Former Indy crew members are encouraged to attend, but all are welcome!

Summary Winner February 2015 – USS Stargazer (SFOL)

Chapter I. Loomings

The crew of the USS Stargazer returned to space dock only to receive word from Starfleet Command that a massive front was being developed and war had once again settled upon the Alpha Quadrant.

The Romulan Empire broke the ceasefire agreement with the Federation and moved ships into Federation space along the Federation side of the neutral zone. Several Star Bases and depots that had been liberated in the first wave of attacks a year previously were once again seized by the Romulans.

The crew were called back to the front. The Federation once again sent a fleet to neutralize the threat. Recently promoted Captain Montgomery Sayre wanted to stay away from the fight and every night since the war had ended he remembered the cries from the battles that had been fought. He remembered his near death experience, and he remembered what it was like seeing many of the brightest and youngest of Federation personal fall at the hands of an enemy so cruel and vengeful that death was of little consequence.

So the Stargazer went back to the front and her crew feared the outcome. When they arrived, they took up shop behind a moon and along with a few other vessels, including the USS Caduceus, the Stargazer became a supply and support vessel. And the battle began.

Little did the Federation know that between the fighting and ceasefire the Romulan Empire had created a much stronger and improved torpedo, capable of crippling a ship in two hits, and destroying a vessel in three. The battle proved to be crippling for the Federation forces. Ship after ship fell victim to the new weapon. Shortly before its destruction, the Stargazer was able to save the crew of the USS Enterprise. For the Caduceus, things weren’t as lucky. The Hermes was destroyed and the Caduceus was left with systems critical and a Captain shot by Romulans during boarding.

Congratulation to the January 2015 Community winners

Congratulations to the winners for January 2015 Community awards.

Sim of the Month: Shattered Universe – Delta Fleet
Community Activity Award: Stargate Command – Delta Fleet
Fleet Activity Award: Delta Fleet

Summary Award (From December 2014) Star Trek: Eternity

Excerpt from the summary:
The Asari team digs into the stations computer system, attempting to send a message. “We’ve found more than we expected, we’ll need a bigger ship!” that’s the good news. The encrypted transmission also contains the bad news, “The station is crawling with Cerberus troops” so much for being abandoned. The team manages to bring the internal sensors on-line to track the Cerberus troops, and discover that there are only about 20 on board… and 6 of them are heading right towards the other half of their team.

To read full summary: Star Trek: Eternity

IMPORTANT: MUST READ News on the future of FSF! (April Fools!)

Greetings Simmers,

The Federation Sim Fleet has been increasing it’s presence on the web and coming into the notice of more people. While this has many benefits there are several down sides. One major one is that we have been noticed by CBS Corporation who have sent us a Cease and Desist letter demanding that we cease all games based upon properties they own. The Administration will be meeting with members of Fleet Command as well as individual hosts in order to decide the best path moving forwards. This may necessitate many of our simulations to either change genre or possibly even stop altogether, and the FSF will likely have to change it’s branding full over to the names. In the coming weeks hosts will be assigned new names once we decide upon a suitable replacement for the “FSF” host name prefix. While this is shocking news and certainly very harmful, we can survive this setback, we have been seeing an increase in player growth recently and being forced to diversify more may help bring more players into our fold, players who are looking for enjoyable role play that is not a part of the normal Trek based variety. Please keep tuned to the forums over the next few days for more details, if you have any questions please feel free to contact FSF Titan, FSF Falk or FSF Who.

Fashion Wigs For All Occasions

Fashion Wigs For All Occasions

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Choosing The Right Natural Looking Wigs

Cleaning, combing, detangling, blow-drying, styling, cutting, straightening – we often spend plenty of time and energy on our hair. The trend of fashion in India has known no bounds and has spread throughout the country like a conflagration enveloping almost the entire nation including the outlying suburban towns close to the metropolitan cities.

The present movement of fashion in India has given rise to a surfeit of fabric manufacturers who produce some of the finest quality of fabrics which include narrow fabric as well as non woven fabric in the country that go into the designing of attractive attires.

You can wear headbands, you can wear caps, you know you can braid them, you can even wear them in a French twist if you still wanted to. Wigs are fun they are meant to have fun and that is what they are made for just to play.

Part of the renaissance CheapRemy Hair Ponytails Online Shop 2015 costume has been the hairdos which were commonly short for men and frizzy swept up look in a headdress described as ‘snood’ covering the hair using a wire forming a heart-shaped design for ladies.

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Join the USS Providence’s Final Adventure Tonight

The USS Providence is coming to a grand finale after 10 years of simming. Join them for one last night of action and compelling story. The game will be in AIM/AOL room “USS Providence” and begins promptly at 8PM Eastern. Following the game will be closing remarks from the sim’s creator and life long GM, FSF Josh, as well as the sharing of stories and memories from the sim’s long history.

Forums changes

If you have been to our forums today then you may notice that they look different. We are working to improve the stability of our forums so we have cleared away all of the customizations that we had had in the past and have started fresh. Each week we will add back a feature that we had before but this will be a slow process so we have time to evaluate the forums for a week in between each update. We ask for your patience and your continued usage of the forums, everything is still accessible just as it was before, it might just a look a bit different. Thank you.